Reunion 2017

Today, was a beautiful day all had fun. I think a missed one pup in photos- darn it!
Attending today ( not in specific order ):
Athena – Little Duckling Gang
Lucy- Little Duckling Gang
Jenny- Little Duckling Gang
Sunny Boy- L & O Construction
Amber- L & O Construction
Max- Jailbreak Gang
Gus Gus- Jailbreak Gang
Buttercup- Jailbreak Gang
Rosie- Jailbreak Gang
Jax- Little Sapling Gang
Cabella- Little Sapling Gang
Evie- Little Sapling Gang
Ladybug- Little Sapling Gang
Hunter- Monkey Business
Tucker- Solar Babies
Georgia- Santa Paws
Calliope- Doc’s Follies
Rogue- Pot O Gold
Sasha- Lucky Charms
Bailey- Joker’s Wild
Flora- Ginger Snaps
Jorgie- Wild Bunch Litter

Cooper- Willow’s Brother
Honored Guests:
Coal- Flat Coated Retriever
Sunshine- Carin Terrier
Redgie- Caviliar Charles
Jax- Golden Retriever
Bristol- Golden Retriever

Former Rescue- Anna Banana

My crew who attended:

As I receive photos from the guests I will add to the blog.

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L & O Construction 4 yrs old!!! Happy Birthday

Ah, this rascally litter is now 4 yrs old. Happy Birthday guys!
Cast of Characters: * denotes no current photos
Ruffie Girl*

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Ramses Happy Birthday! 3 yrs old

3 yrs old and now he starts the family trait of escaping! He is a climber like his Mommy Penny. Goofy happy handsome pup! Of course all he does is tease the others and goes for a swim in the pond!
Happy Birthday my sweet handsome fellow.

Ramses after running around like a fool and a swim too!

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Little Duckling Gang Happy Birthday 3 yrs!

Goodness 3 yrs already! Where has time flown.
Cast of Characters:

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May Photo Shares! We love these….

I hear so many people saying they love the photo shares. So, here we go…. enjoy!

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Happy Birthday Joey! 3 yrs old today

Our silly boy Joey turns three today. Sweet,silly, goofy Joey. I can always count on a kiss in the morning on my chin. Happy Birthday baby boy.

Joey with Goliath photo bombing

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Long overdue update on the crew……

I know it has been awhile since I did an update on the crew.
Since the last update three of the crew were rehomed. Why? Heart cert failures and well, I didn’t want Lotus spending her senior life in a run. All three: Rosa, Arya and Lotus are doing well in their new homes.
Also since the last update Freyia went to the rainbow bridge. We miss her terribly and wondering who will be the new mother hen of the crew.
Ok, here we go:
Loki- almost 14 now, he is completely deaf due an inner ear imbalance that caused seizures. He is happy, playful and mischievous so doing well.
Ozzy- turned 10 in April and finally slowing down in his constant moving ways. Happy playing in the stream in the run he is in.

Ozzy was being difficult was lucky to get a mug shot

Penny- still our first greeter here at the kennel, still getting int mischief. In other words normal.


Titon- Missing Lotus, but doing well.

Willow- Still my rascal with the harbor seal bark. Sadly she didn’t get pregnant this time around. I think she may just be a tad too tall for poor Ramses.

Joey- Surprise he is calming down turning 3 next week. He still rolls on his food spilling his bowl but he has calmed down alot. He may become a papa again in June.

Joey with Goliath photo bombing

Ramses- He has lived up to the family reputation of being an escape artist! Driving me nuts with trying to keep him in his run. Gotta love that blood line.

Ramses after running around like a fool and a swim too!

Myrie- Sweet, Beautiful and very playful.

Camilla- Our sweet quiet girl. She is fully recovered from her TPLO surgery. And if my suspicions are correct she may become a Mommy mid June.

Udens- Our big mush! He is so patient with bratty Lady.


Lady- our short brat! Still displays jealousy when others are getting attention. Thankfully Udens ignores her antics.

Lady- who me

Goliath- The big guy is doing well. Getting over an ear infection.

And the feline members of the family:
Annie Oakley- turned 15 this spring. She is doing well.

Matilda- doing well, still presenting with live wild life.

Charley- just celebrated his first year here.

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