Happy Birthday Titon! 6 yrs old

Today my hugging baby turned 6. I love his hugs! Even when he is sopping wet. This mornings was.


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Loki’s Freyia of Kurzeme- Good bye my love…

Today our mother hen left us for the rainbow bridge. This morning she had a seizure and a stroke. So, with love I said goodbye today to her.

Loki’s Freyia of Kurzeme
12 March 2005- 12 April 2017
Until we meet again my love…..

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Happy Birthday Osiris aka Ozzy

Our big guy Ozzy aka ‘dirty old man’. Ozzy loves to get muddy and after his surprise of not being sterile it fits all the more. This fellow chose me as a wee fellow at 3 weeks of age. Our big lovable guy. Happy birthday!


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Some Spring Antics

Good Morning! The girls are having some fun bonding and now we wait to see if puppies are on the horizon. Myrie so missed her sister Camilla. I think they are making up for lost time don’t you. Lady is back in with Udens she went into harass Camilla until Camilla wanted none of her nonsense and smashed her. Udens is happy and she doesn’t pick on him. As long as everyone is happy. Willow seems to be happy to be back with her sisters. I got Doggles for Ozzy and tried them out on Penny and Freyia. Gave a pair to Athena (Little Duckling Gang) because she is constantly sticking her head out the window in the car. I found them cheap online.

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March Photo Shares… we love them!

Good Morning folks, looking out my window It is dark, overcast and I hear rain on the roof. So, what a better way to make you smile? PHOTOS! Enjoy!

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Guess It’s Time To Introduce Our Studs….

Someone asked who are our current studs were so here we go…

Jotun aka Joey- Has hip and heart clearances – carrier of Ichthyosis
Half English Cream International show champions fathers side.
Joey is a goofy boy who constantly makes me shake my head in wonder at what he will come up with next.
Sired: Little Sapling Gang


Ramses- Has hip and heart clearances- Ichthyosis- non carrier
Ramses is 7/8 field golden Master Hunt championships both sides of the lineage. He is our 4th generation boy!
Sweet, well mannered, loves to give hugs.

Udens- Has hip and heart clearances- Ichthyosis- carrier
Udens is part English Cream from both sides of the family.
Udens is my mushy sweet boy who loves to hug and be hugged.

Retired studs:
Osiris- Ozzy

Titon- Ty ( Udens papa)


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14 March 17 SNOW? Really….

We ended up with 6 inches of wet stuff. I had to plow since the snow blower is sex biased- no short women can operate the blasted thing! GRRRR, took me 4 hrs to do the plowing and feeding. I even took my video camera along- and lost it in the snow. I did find it surprisingly. I had visions of it being gone. I took a few videos for your enjoyment. Yes, Willow and Ramses are ok, their video didn’t come out sadly.

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