Good Morning! Wild Bills Side Show

Yesterday the puppies started picking their families. We now have Hazel & Gambit. I was so tired yesterday after working in the heat then doing pickouts, and lastly two late drop offs for boarding I didn’t get yesterdays pickout photos up. I do apologize.
Pups are doing fantastic. Camilla is now no longer crying to be let back in. The first 24 hrs are the worst.
Ok, here we go….





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4 weeks old Wild Bills Sideshow!

Good Morning folks!
yesterday the pups had a big day. Off to the vet for their first check up! All did well. Clean bills of health. Surprisingly most of the males have their little family jewels down already. Usually you see them at 6 weeks.
Today, they start meeting families.
Here are their weights:
Wren: 4.3
Rosie: 4
River: 3.9
Neptune: 4.5
Crockett: 4.2
Olivia: 3.3
Blue 1: 4.8
Blue 3: 3.6
Blue 6: 3.7
Yellow 2: 4.5
Yellow 3: 3.6
Yellow 4: 3.5

Keep in mind weights at this stage are only for worming and curiosity purposes. They do not necessarily reflect adult weights. After first worming they seem to sprout like weeds after a rain.

More photos later- my battery on my camera died and I was an airhead and forgot to charge the back up battery.

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Wild Bills Side Show… ArrrrOOOO

Good Morning, The pups have broken into ArooooOOOOOOs. I love it when they do it. Charley Kitty came in to watch over the pups and interact a bit with them.
Weaning is going well for the pups- poor Cam is miserable. I caved last night and let her nurse. Hearing her cry for a few hours was enough to break my heart. So, she is still in the process of weaning.

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Wild Bills Side Show Litter Brings Joy in a time of Sorrow

I am so thankful this litter is on the ground. Or I would be more of a mess. Yesterday, I said good bye to Annie Oakley Kitty. 15 plus years old. She was known to couch Mommy Dogs during labor by meowing when I would say push. She loved puppies. Cancer is a cruel beast. Thank you little ones for licking tears off my face, and nibbling me til I giggled. You are life savers.

It’s A Dog’s World? Annie Oakley Kitty doesn’t agree…

My favorite photo… it says it all.

Onto today’s photos. Yesterday they were microchipped and got their toe nails trimmed. This litter was so fussy about both endeavors. Of course my little buddy C got tackled big time. Which he loves to no end.

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Good Morning – Wild Bills Side Show – Yawn, What’s Happening?

For some reason the rascals wanted to sleep through Grammy time. I did get some classic shots of face wrestling and food bowl lounging. Enjoy!

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Firecrackers Litter- Happy Belated Birthday!

Oh boy, Have I been distracted I completely missed this litters birthday! Born 29 June 2007. I do apologize furry ones.

Cast of Characters:
* denotes no contact

Happy 10th guys!

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Wild Bills Side Show- We are weaning!

Good Morning! Your going Weaning??!!! Well, it is a gentle process for the puppies, not so easy on Mommy the pressure can be intense. As you have noted the pups have been nibbling on hard food for days, normally I do three day of hard food then water, but the rascals changed things up. Camilla wants to be a good Mommy and goes in when she can’t handle the pressure of full teats anymore or the little razor blade teeth coming through. So, today she gets to hang with her sisters during the day, and tonight she gets to be Mommy, then tomorrow the same thing. Wednesday Morning will be her last feeding. Then I become Mean MOMMY and watch her be miserable while the milk dries up. I will take her to the pond to soak in cold water to help with the process. The pups… are now my responsibility to keep up with. OH, the poop wars have commenced.
Enjoy today’s photos…

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