Visiting Family Rocks

Athena from the Little Duckling Gang came out to meet her new little buddy. She brought along her human pup. Hawk did amazing on his second walk. This time Myrie & Camilla joined us.

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Hawk has arrived!!! & Titon News

Your going Hawk?? I snuck on in on you. But first good news. Titon has been found and ‘captured’ this morning. He was playing with some labs and followed them in the doggie door.
He is ok, swollen feet, 15 pounds lighter but safe!
Ok, onto Hawk our newest addition! All the way from Kansas- Walnut Kansas.
He gave me kisses when he finally realized no more van ride. Penny was ” Oh, not another one attitude” but, as in Penny form, she loved on him.
I introduced him to Loki whom perked up when he saw his new friend. Wren ran past him didn’t realize he was there. Well, when she did she was all happy. She has taken to watching over him already. Charley kitty couldn’t resist stalking him, chasing him, swatting him. He has officially learned ” bow to the cat”. Camilla and Myrie were very accepting to their new charge. When he started to cry- Myrie gave him kisses. He is home and with his new family.
Oh, and yes to those who wonder he is spunky!

Hey there everyone my name is Hawk!

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August Photo Shares 2017

Good Morning! Wow, another Month has passed.

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Today, well… a long one but Penny and Loki got to go swimming

Some of you know I rehomed Titon so he could live out his senior hood in luxury. Sadly not even in his new home he somehow got out of the yard and has been on the run for 12 days. Animal Control didn’t want me to go lure him out by walking around last week. This week…. I went! All along I told them he loved crab apples. I found his nest with Penny and Loki’s help. In a crab apple hedge row. Finding his nest, scat and a single paw print his size… was what I managed to accomplish other than giving Penny & Loki a short break by letting them swim in the bay.A first for both.

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We love visiting family…. puppy mayhem ensues…

We love visiting family. As it would happen I had FOUR pups from the Wild Bills Side Show Litter to enjoy this morning. Your read correctly four! Whiskey did go home today. Rogue is staying with us while his family is on vacation, and Olivia was here because her family is packing up a house to move and a rascally puppy underfoot not a good idea. Wren isn’t arguing the extra playtime.

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We Love Visiting Family!

We love visiting family- it is even more fun when puppies are involved. Whiskey is visiting for a week, and of course Miss Olivia came by to hang out while her Daddy worked. So, off on a walk we went with Mommy Camilla, Penny and Auntie Willow. Of course during a wrestling session Wren ended up IN the pond.

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Finnegan has left the building! Wild Bills Sideshow

Good afternoon! Today, Finnegan met his new parents. He was oh, new people. Then when Daddy picked him up his face went all glowy and instant kisses and tail wags. Same with Mommy. They loved his imp side, his love of exploring, and face fighting under the gate with his sister. The crew and kitties approved as well. Enjoy your new life’s adventure my little intrepid explorer.

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