Good Morning! Wild Bills Side Show Litter 3 days old

Good Morning!! We are progressing nicely although we thought it fun to squawk several times during the night waking our human Grammy up. Mommy Camilla is doing fantastic, she woke me up at 6am to go potty. I found her outside of the bed relaxed. So, she is on schedule on this litter. The pigment has come in on the wee ones. Camilla’s appetite has grown which is a good thing. This morning she took longer to want in again right on schedule.
Here are their sweet mugs this morning….

Good Morning

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Good Morning from the Wild Bills Sideshow Litter

Good Morning folks, the pups are doing fantastic. They almost let me sleep all night through only a couple of fuss sessions. Camilla is now eating …. in bed. Some Momma’s will starve themselves rather than leave their ‘den’. So, breakfast in bed it is. A bit of dry food, canned food and puppy formula sprinkled on top. I will add Cheese when I get to the store. With all this excitement my Refrigerator died… and cooked my food in its death throes. So, until I get a new one I am borrowing My neighbors unit aka a shelf and my mini fridge.

Here we go the morning photos…

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Wild Bills Side Show The mug shots!

Good Evening! Some of you are wondering at the litters designation. For the newbees I can understand. Wild Bill Hickok Kitty loved dogs, especially puppies. Last year two bad doggies attacked and killed him. So, we honor an awesome kitty by naming a litter after him.

As you can see he walked where few dared to tread. He so loved new puppies. I am delighted to say Charley Kitty is following in those pawprints. He had to inspect the litter last night. Of course since he is Camilla’s best bud she had no issues.

Little girl



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Introducing the Wild Bills Sideshow Litter

Good Morning. We have twelve beautiful puppies to fall in love with. This vocal group started to show up at 10:30pm last night. We have an even litter 6 of each. Last pup showed at 3:37am. Mom did fantastic pups came easily to her- surprising since she is a first time Mommy. Now to convince her MY BED IS NOT FOR PUPPIES!
I forgot to grab my real camera so you have to deal with cell phone images.

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Loki is 14 today! Happy Birthday Buddy!

Happy Birthday to Loki our Little Man. He had a special breakfast today and is currently next to my chair. Despite going deaf on Thanksgiving he is still going strong. Still full of mischief and that quirky smile is very present.

His litter mates are either at the bridge or MIA. Sadly no slide show for them.
So, happy birthday baby boy!

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pregnant dog woes during a heat wave

What do we do when it is miserably hot…Go for a swim.

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Reunion 2017

Today, was a beautiful day all had fun. I think a missed one pup in photos- darn it!
Attending today ( not in specific order ):
Athena – Little Duckling Gang
Lucy- Little Duckling Gang
Jenny- Little Duckling Gang
Sunny Boy- L & O Construction
Amber- L & O Construction
Max- Jailbreak Gang
Gus Gus- Jailbreak Gang
Buttercup- Jailbreak Gang
Rosie- Jailbreak Gang
Jax- Little Sapling Gang
Cabella- Little Sapling Gang
Evie- Little Sapling Gang
Ladybug- Little Sapling Gang
Hunter- Monkey Business
Tucker- Solar Babies
Georgia- Santa Paws
Calliope- Doc’s Follies
Rogue- Pot O Gold
Sasha- Lucky Charms
Bailey- Joker’s Wild
Flora- Ginger Snaps
Jorgie- Wild Bunch Litter

Cooper- Willow’s Brother
Honored Guests:
Coal- Flat Coated Retriever
Sunshine- Carin Terrier
Redgie- Caviliar Charles
Jax- Golden Retriever
Bristol- Golden Retriever

Former Rescue- Anna Banana

My crew who attended:

As I receive photos from the guests I will add to the blog.

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