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I get asked all the time, where do you have your photography up for sale. Or where can I find your calendars.

Service Dogs? Yes! I believe in such programs they open up the world to those whom they are partnered with. One such program is geared towards our Nations Veterans. So far I have donated three furry heros in training and plan to continue doing so in the future. Check out this great organization and if you want to help please contact them. And if you volunteer hug my boys for me- Theodore- Teddy & Maverick.


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  1. Tracy Krauss says:

    Hello, Joann emailed me the link to your blog. We’re looking for golden to adopt. We currently have a two year old lab who loves to play and we’d like to find a gentle playmate. I have three children so I’m past the puppy stage. Looking for one who likes to run, play and go on long walks. We take Bailey hiking (and swimming) with us. SHe’s a blast but we think she (and us) would be happier if we had two dogs. Our neighbors dog plays often and she’s so sad when he goes home.
    We have a fenced yard. Not sure of your location but we’re Joann’s neighbor your welcome any time. If you have a dog or know of one please let us know. We love Teddy and would be happy with your recommendations.

    • Ellee says:

      Hello, I may have a younger golden coming up in the next month or so- related to Teddy. Right now I only have a 7 yr old Golden looking for a new home. Will keep you posted. You are always welcome to come visit. 🙂

    • Ellee says:

      I just got in a relative of Teddy half sibling even. She is 7 yrs old.

  2. Joyce Webster says:

    Hi Ellee. We got Tucker (Howie – Santa Paws litter) from you almost 7 years ago. We are interested in adding another golden to our family. Do you have any puppies available or any in the near future?

    • Ellee says:

      Joyce, I am hoping for a litter later this spring. Just waiting for either Lotus or Penny to go into heat. Will keep you posted. Ellee

  3. Alicia says:

    Hi! Just wondering if you have any pups available. Thanks! Alicia

    • Ellee says:

      this current litter is all spoken for at this moment. I may have another litter in the works. Will know more in a week or so if we do have another one on the way.

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