2018 Cruise 4 ports

Just got back from a cruise on the Carnival Miracle. Sadly this was a disappointing cruise. It had been two years since our last and we were shocked at the hand out for money for things that used to be free- like television! $25 charge for entertainment- which we never went to due to the time. Our cabin was cramped and our door sang the entire trip. Add to the fact our thermostat was set on ice box. Not a pleasant experience. Little did I realize when I booked this ( should of done some research) it was the rainy season- but, considering hurricane Irma cancelled our last cruise we were just happy to go. We ( Mom and I ) celebrated her birthday.
The food was even a let down. I won’t go into details other than it took up to 3 hrs to get a full meal. That said onto our excursions. Over cast all but the last day in Cozumel.
We went to Cayman Islands did the sub tour/turtle sanctuary. The sun did peek out half way through. Then onto Mahogany Baby Routan- we toured the Gumbalimba Sanctuary- it rained off and on- just a side note the roads are a mess during rainy season expect a thrill ride on the bus! Off to Belize next- they just had 7 days of solid rain and was still overcast – we booked the river tour. Since they had so much rain it was a muddy mess. The guys flew past beautiful flowers, birds stopped for iguna’s and a howler monkey- opps forgot the croc. On the way back our propeller fell off of one of the engines making a long ride back to the ship.
Last the port we were looking forward to due to excellent shops at reasonable prices Cozumel. We did the Catamaran to Passion Isle. Wish I had a book It was a beautiful setting, great food, just didn’t think it thorough and bring our suits or a book. Oh, well we got some sun ( and I got burned!).

Now, enjoy the photos- there are some surprises…. 🙂 I am the one with Pink hair- left over from a once purple dye job.