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This New Page is for asking me questions. ( I blame Chuck for this one). I will also try to do seasonal reminders from time to time.  So, ask away ( I am hoping you will be gentle). Ellee

Remember some of our spring blooms are TOXIC to our pets!

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  1. Chuck says:

    Dear Ellie-
    Our two golden retrievers constantly mooch food when we’re eating. We understand that they believe it’s a “pack” thing, and are just waiting for their cut, so how can we get them to back off without mortally offending them?

    Chuck (not the one mentioned above)

    Okay… yeah… it’s me.

    • Ellee says:

      Tsk Tsk! Mooching pupsters! Best way to stop the behavior is not to give in. And if you feel you must – only with the last bite. This trains them that they are lower in the pack than you. Or you could always try a Wasbi sandwhich approach. Now, to my granpups- NO MORE BEGGING!!!! Good Luck Chuck.

  2. Jane says:

    Dear Chuck 🙂
    IF EINSTEIN (10 mos) can ‘Go lay down’ (said firmly) while we eat, then I would think with a bit of patience and training – your pups could do this as well. Especially if they know (or think) they may get a couple leftovers :)))

    …. and fyi, we changed this yrs’ party date – so we can come to the REUNION!

    • Ellee says:

      Yahooo!!! Looking forward to seeing you and our baby boy Einstein. He sits and lays down. He was always so smart! Loves, to live up to his name. Give him a hug from his Grammy Ellee.

  3. Ken says:

    My pup has developed some pretty nasty knots in his hair. They are in his tail and in the hind leg feathering. Is it best to cut them out or continue to pull at them with a brush? I know Golden Retrievers can become depressed when their hair is cut.

    • Ellee says:

      Depends on the knots- some do require trimming – go with the length of the hair, This prevents cutting the tender skin. And sometimes trimming this way makes it easier to cut out. Spring shed is always a challenge. Hug your rascal. Ellee

  4. Cheri {longhorn} says:

    hello ellie.. it’s me again.. i don’t know if you got the other email i had sent you but of course it is about lincoln.. update– i checked out him wound and it is open.. i hope i did it right but i cleaned it with alchol and peroide. then i put alittle of cortizone cream on it .. i am at my wits end. i have been watching the way he walks and he is fine.. no limping… he only goes out to pee and comes right back in and lays down.. he seems very depressed. should i pass it off as a injury or should i take it more serious.. like i said i don’t know if the coon was sick . what systoms should i look for to really worry.? thank you ellie.. talk to you soon..

    • Ellee says:

      No I hadn’t gotten the earlier email- had some issues with my computer. If you are unsure if the coon was ill and he is not healling well, I would take him to the vets. Especially if his wound is an angry color. Peroxide can kill skin cells if used too much. If you go to Tractor supply- you may be able to find an ointment for saddle sores- it helps open wounds to heal properly. Symptoms for Rabies is an aversion to water. That is the one I can think of off the top of my head.

  5. Emma says:

    Morning Ellee,

    It seems that Hunter has food allergies. While I am going through the food testing process to determine what foods in particular seem to cause him problems, I thought I’d ask you to see if you knew of popular “problem” foods for Goldens.


    • Ellee says:

      lamb tends to cause problems with some goldens. I tend to stay with chicken to be safe. Also corn products can cause problems with some dogs. what are his symptoms?

      • Emma says:

        Chronic yeast infection in his ears, itchy feet and back, hair loss (possible from the chewing) but no visible skin irritation.

        • Ellee says:

          ok, could be too much sugar in his diet that can cause these symptoms. Are you still feeding The ProPlan?

          • Emma R says:

            Ooh sugar – I’ll look into that.

            He started refusing to eat the ProPlan when he was just a few months old. Switched him to vet recommended Science Diet (chicken and corn based) which he was on for about a year before the problems started. Since then we’ve tried Nutro’s Choice Lamb and Rice, Nutro’s Choice Herring Meal, Rice and Potato, and we’re currently on Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Salmon, Sweet Potato and Pumpkin. He’s only been on that one for about a week now.

          • Ellee says:

            Nutro is high on fat and sugar! Sweet Potatoe- sugar city! ProPlan makes a Natural Select blend with turkey or Salmon with brown rice. you can go online on each brand and see the contents and how much protein and if it is heavy in Sugar. Hug our sweet boy. Oh, have your Mom let me know the dates for next visit. Some people are already booking the holidays.

          • Emma says:

            Will do.


  6. Jenna D says:

    Hi there,
    I am about to go look at a litter of golden retriever puppies and want one that is red like you pretty girl Penny. The father is a dark red (like Penny) but the mother is a very light golden almost cream colored. Could you tell me if golden retriever puppies usually take after one of the parents color-wise or become a mix of the two like in my case a medium golden color between the red and cream.

    Thank you for your help & best wishes 🙂

    • Ellee says:

      Jenna, it has to do with genetics more than anything. The red is a recessive gene. If both parents have dark reds in their lines, there is a good chance that both have that gene and you could end up with red puppies. Look at the ears- if they are strawberry colored or darker you could end up with a red puppy. Penny was strawberry in color. Also they do darken with age. I have had blonde pups go red. So, frankly it is a crap shoot…. but, so much fun to see if your guess on future color is correct. Meet the parents please! See if you like their personalities. If you do, you will meet a wonderful litter. Also ask about socialization, how much they have received. Good luck. Ellee

  7. Mahala says:

    Are you keeping Jeremiah as a stud?

  8. Michael says:

    Hi Ellee,

    We’ve been using Pro Plan since the day we brought Kylee home. We’ve had no problems but lately I’ve been giving some thought to switching to something else as PP has really jumped in price compared to other brands. Not sure if we will switch cause I really don’t want to disrupt what has worked but if we would decide to in the long run, what other brands would you recommend?


    • Ellee says:

      Hello Michael, Ah the cost, yes, it has gone up sadly. I have found it is less expensive at Tractor Supply Company. As to other brands…. Hmmmm so many of the less expensive brands have had recalls for tainted food. It really is a tough call. Hug our beautiful girl. Ellee

  9. Michael says:

    Yeah, that’s where we buy it now. Probably will continue as it has done well but thought I’d ask in case you had found something as a replacement. Thanks again and I’ll get you those pictures soon!…Michael

    • Ellee says:

      You can once a month get a $3.00 off coupon on the Pro Plan site. So far I have had healthy dogs with Pro Plan. Not to mention it has helped numerous rescues.

  10. gale kieng says:


    My mom came tried to email you but your email won’t go through. She picked out the puppy yesterday “Ruth Green” anyway she decided to name it “Sunny” – She wanted to thank you for taking the time yesterday to show the puppies.

  11. Rosemary O says:

    Hi..We are trying to adopt a female golden puppy. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

    • Ellee says:

      Hello Rosemary O, I am hoping for a litter late spring. The winter has set my girls heat cycle off schedule. Just waiting for someone to go into heat and then the waiting game. Ellee

  12. Loretta Tassoni says:

    just checking in, its been a while, to thank you again for my wonderful belle. we are celebrating her birtday, her adoption date, this weekend!!! it’s been a whole year. what a love ellie. we’re going to take some pictures to send to you. i’ll try to get some of her with her kitty siblings. she gets a grooming this weekend so i’ll get some pics of the beauty queen with a nice fresh look.
    she has been wonderful ellie. i couldn’t ask for a better friend.

    • Ellee says:

      We were talking about Belle yesterday and wondering how she is doing. Glad she is doing so well. I love photos!!Goodness a year already! Hug our girl for me. Ellee

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