Oh boy I got to see Ozzy’s puppies today!

I am delighted to say they were awake for this visit. Although it turns out my girl is camera shy. lol Yes, you will note one puppy is different…. He is missing a paw. Vet said he can lead a normal full life. He runs beautifully, playful and the first to greet you. He would make a fantastic therapy dog. The missing paw is a genetic fluke- like with humans there is no way to know if a digit is missing. Ok, here are the photos.
21  Feb 13 Blue Collar sitting

21  Feb 13 sleeping beauty

21  Feb 13 peek a boo green

21  Feb 13 stick chewing lessons

21  Feb 13 coming Grammy

21  Feb 13 Seirra and her tshirt

21  Feb 13 Green tackling black

21  Feb 13 someone call

21  Feb 13 tackled ya

21  Feb 13 Blue collar standing

21  Feb 13 Cassidy

21  Feb 13 My toy 2

21  Feb 13 toy strut

21  Feb 13 Black collar boy and toy

21  Feb 13 My toy

21  Feb 13 Willow giving Mommy kisses

21  Feb 13 Gonna smack ya give me the toy

21  Feb 13 Green Girl strutting

21  Feb 13 Willow MOM he stole my toy

21  Feb 13 Black collar boy and Willow

21  Feb 13 Black boy and toy MINE all MINE

21  Feb 13 toy must die Black collar

21  Feb 13 Hey this is my spot

21  Feb 13 this spot is fun

21  Feb 13 Did someone call

21  Feb 13 Willow I am gonna tackle ya sis

21  Feb 13 Playtime

21  Feb 13 Green Girl

21  Feb 13 Dance Line

21  Feb 13 Teal pup

21  Feb 13 Cassidy and sibling

21  Feb 13 Blue girl

21  Feb 13 Mommy Mommy Mommy

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