New Segment “To Breed OR Not To Breed” The C- Section!

Your going C- Section I bet. Yes, it happens with dogs as it does with humans. There are some breeds of dogs that require- yes, REQUIRE C-Sections.
My boy Ozzy had a ‘date’ with a lovely red Golden girl Sierra and she had a due date of 5 Jan- by 10 Jan I was getting a tad concerned. Then again if she fertilized after the second breeding we were well in the limits of safety and if there was the 24 hr delayed fertilization again safe. I stayed home the whole weekend waiting for the call……… No call. Monday rolls around Sierra’s Mommy ( human of course) calls the vet he said no problem she could wait til the 16th- both of us Grammy’s were still on our tippy toes…….. This is what happens next….
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(These are the notes provided by a fellow breeder who used one of my males for stud. This goes to show you another reason to stop and think about if you want to breed. This is what she went through. I also like to do x-rays to know how many pups. )

Pre notes: I like to get x-rays done to see how many babies are inside, but Sierra all of a sudden got fat and I couldn’t get her easily into a car so I skipped the x-ray this time.

Tuesday morning:
9:00am – pre-labor has started. Sierra stayed on her bed all day, slowly panting and refusing water/food. This is a sure sign of her labor every time.

Tuesday evening:
6:30pm – Finally decide to put Sierra in her whelping pen but haven’t seen her start to push yet ( no contractions) Still refusing water and food. She is restless but settles down to make a nest by scratching all the blankets and newspaper up.

10:30pm – I am down with her for the night. Very restless and looks like small contractions may be starting but nothing yet so I turn off the light and wait for pups to come. She never gives birth if I am watching her.

Wed morning
1:50am – 1st pup is born. It’s a girl! Breathing ok, but looks like she may have been in the birth canal for a while. ( An experienced breeder/midwife can tell this- pups tend to be a slightly off color or sluggish)

3:15 am – 2nd pup is born. Had to work for almost 20 minutes before I could hear this one breathing evenly. Had lots of fluid in its lungs so I think she has had these pups lined up inside for a while. When she just pops them out, they breathe quicker. ( when each pup is born you have to gently shake out the fluids or have pneumonia set in)

3:45am 3rd pup is born. Breathing within 10 minutes, still hear fluid in lungs but it’s doing ok

4:50am – 4th pup is born

5:50am – 5th pup is born

6:50am – 6th pup is born

7:30am-8am – I fall asleep by accident and wake up to no contractions. Mom is resting quietly with babies but still refusing water so I have a hunch she is not done. Make her stand and palpitate (gently) for signs of more pups. Find a hard knot at the end of her stomach but it doesn’t quite feel like pups. Nothing is wriggling so I am worried. ( I have fallen asleep in a whelping bed numerous times)

9:50am- call vet and they are worried too. Want her brought in ASAP!!!

10:00am- load a stiff mom and 6 whining pups into the car and drive to vet.

10:30am – sierra gets x-ray and confirmed three more pups in-utero. Gets first oxy shot

11:00am- 7th pup is born. Not breathing, tongue hanging out and off color. Comes out without sac and placenta is already detached. Vets rush her away.

11;15am – vet brings a healthy screaming pup back!! ( at this point I would have been exhaling in relief)

11:30am – Sierra passes dark blood (maybe old) and then delivers next pup. In sac but not breathing, tongue hanging out, head flopping. Totally limp. Vets rush away.

12:00pm – vet comes in and shakes head. Pup had no heartbeat and could not be revived. I am saddened by the news but thankful that I still have 7 healthy pups! ( We all try to revive a puppy it is in our nature, mourn the loss and enjoy the live pups it is the only way to handle this sadness)

12:30pm – Sierra’s contractions have almost stopped, gets a new shot of oxy

1:30pm-2pm – Sierra has lots of straining and contractions, fluids come out etc. no pup. Get another shot of oxy

3:00pm or so – Vet tech takes Sierra for x-ray to confirm that the pup is still stuck. It is too far back for vet to pull out manually but lined up in birth canal. Sierra goes for a walk because her bladder is full (no kidding!) she passes blackish blob of yuck.. Possibly the placenta of last pup. Good and hopeful!

3:45pm – No pup still. Sierra is obviously so tired out but the meds keep her contractions (hard contractions) coming steady!! Vet finally decides that she needs to go into surgery for a C-section and recommends a spay as well because C-sections drastically reduce litter number in next litter. I agree that Sierra has had three good litters and I am ready to send her out to pasture. We let pups nurse once more to get a pump of colostrum and then vets take Sierra away for surgery.

4:15pm – I take pups home and put them under a heat lamp. They cry because they miss their mom and are hungry.

6:45pm – I go to pick Sierra up. She should have a few more hours to recover from the meds but she needs to get home to the pups. I choke when I see the vet bill – $1,160!!! I feel like it is totally worth it though because Sierra and her pups are safe. Her milk has come down so she shouldn’t dry up now. I work with vet to get her into car and we drive home.

7:30pm – Sierra reunites with pups. Tired and doped up so I have to be with her for a few hours until I know she won’t’ roll on them by accident.

11:00pm – give final meds and collapse into bed!!

(Through all this I was on pins and needles! Not knowing if she was ok, let alone the pups. When she finally woke up and told me the news I was relieved. )
Seirra vet bill

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