Spring At Last! Golden Retrievers Joy…

My Golden Retrievers love spring, the warm weather, the winter run off springs, and Mom not saying Hurry UP it is COLD out! Chuckle. Two days ago I saw a sight that made me love one of my pups even more. I saw him jumping and dancing with such joy on his face. Why? Well, he was playing with butterflies. Such a simple act that just makes me love this big furry goof all the more. He came here scared of breezes, grass tickling his tummy, and grass hoppers. Now, he plays with butterflies. To my big Furry Monster- Brutus. I love you buddy! Photos are of him looking at them- you have to look hard for the two white butterflies but they are there.

About Ellee

Living in the mountains with my beloved goldens, Great Pyrenees , and three crazy cats. Not to mention the various rescues who pass through here. Life is good!
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  1. Janet L. Webster says:

    LOVE, love, love your posts Ellee! You make me smile with the Golden antics.

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