To microchip or not!

Today I took two dogs staying with me to the vets for their families to have them microchipped. Both dogs are former rescues, as a result I really encourage microchipping. You hear all sorts of pros & cons to chipping. I have a few stories to share- something that happened to MY grandpups! First off is tiny Pixie girl- she was a ‘mighty might’ some would call her a runt. Princess Pixie found the perfect family, kids, big yard and adoring parents. The not so sane neighbor lady thought the puppy shouldn’t be with a family with small children. Since I microchip at 6 weeks, and send the pups home with this information the family could PROVE Pixie was their beloved rascal. The police was called and the woman couldn’t provide proof. “Mom” pulls out her puppy kit, and shows the officer, photo, microchip id, and my name and number. Well, the microchip is all he needed. Pixie was returned home. The second story is one of those luck stories. I get a call from a humane society worker stating they had this beautiful red male golden and a German Shepherd that were found together. She mentioned I had PURCHASED the chip and could I provide the owners name and number. I was able to, and I remembered they did indeed have a GSD! They called him, and his first reaction was how did they get across TWO county lines? He was there so fast she barely had time to call me to give me the happy news.
NOW, a warning if your pet is chipped and you haven’t registered it.. someone could register the chip in their name and sadly be considered the owner of said beloved furry wonder! So, register those chips folks!!! Also, please remember to rescan regularly. If a chip fails I know HomeAgain will replace the chip! It does happen on a rare occassion. The size of the chip a concern? Think grain of rice, by the way all my goldens are chipped. And my 14 yr old still has her original chip, no ill effects. Hug those pupsters!

Golden Retriever JOY a morning game of fetch

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