Ah the joys of raising a litter of Golden Retriever puppies…

Cattle Rustlers LitterAh the joys of a litter of Golden Retrievers.

I love raising my beloved Goldens. From the first glimpse after clean up ( first photo in slide show), to the day they go home. I still of course enjoy my return visits, stories, and photos. Maia from the Easter Gang was visiting today. She is a riot, always steals a toy and buries it. I recently reclaimed an area from old fencing stock pile and resulting limb collection around it – and in the middle I found a missing toy that she had hidden. Today she found the toy again, of course it may be two years before I find it again! lol
The following slide show is from whelp ( birth) to 8 weeks, weekly shots, and at the end fun ones plus Mommy and Daddy. This litter is the Cattle Rustlers- named due to the theft of my sirloin steaks by their Momma while pregnant. Each litter has its own name or designation. This helps identify which puppy the family is speaking about. I had two puppies with the same name in the same litter! UGH confuse me will ya! lol I have up to 6 pups with the same name so you can see why the designation is helpful. Not to mention when you have litters born on the same day one year apart. Enjoy the slide show.

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