Is This COMMON Dog Toy Hazardous To Their Health?

I often inspect new toys excited families get for their new puppy, which I will gladly do to protect them from hidden dangers. BIGGEST NO NO toy I toss in the no go pile.. Rope toys. Let that sink in – Rope Toys!
Why? They can KILL! Your going NO WAY! Yes they can and have! See, they pull those strings out and they swallow some of them, and if they have chewed something else up – it can cause a knot in their bowels… and you have a blockage! Most times it can pass through other times not. So, please forgo this toys for something safer for your baby. Enjoy your furry family member and remember NO ROPE TOYS!
In Loving Memory of Bear… ( Loki’s Uncle- 6 months old victim of a Rope Toy)

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2 Responses to Is This COMMON Dog Toy Hazardous To Their Health?

  1. Sam says:

    We do have those, but they are only for supervised play. They get put up when we are done!


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