Lifespan of a Golden Retriever?

While peeking at the search terms people plugged in… I noticed the “Lifespan of a Golden Retriever”. Funny, I take it for granted that the ‘average’ is supposed to be 12 yrs. My first beloved Golden Girl Cassiopeia lived to 17 days shy of her 15th birthday. My second a rescue didn’t live past 5 due to Leukemia. My third was our beloved Andromeda. She was 14 yrs 9 months and 6 days of age. Interesting enough she died the same week that our Cassie went to the bridge. Neptune lived to 12 yrs 9 months and 6 days.
All I can say is like with humans genetics do play a role. Health, weight, exercise and believe it or not playfulness all play a part. I love my Golden Retrievers, some left too soon ( under 10 yrs) and others the selfish part of me wished for more than almost 15. At this point I have one fast approaching 9 yrs and he has never grown up, one turned 8 in November, and one just turned 7 yrs. I hold my time dearly with them, but my advice is… if they live to 12 yrs of age, 12 yrs and 1 day is bonus time. :) In loving memory to my beloved goldens of the past and to those in the present. ( and the future of course).

28 July 12 Kyrie

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