Had a HUGE Scare Tonight….

Just had a huge scare – I was playing with the three girls: Fiona, Flora and Evie. I am getting my night kisses and loving and Fiona goes and picks something up. So, I automatically ask her to give it to me. To my horror it was a light bulb!!!!!!! It was a wattage I do not use and I NEVER leave bulbs in the buildings- they go into my pocket or stay in my hand until tossed in a can. Where it came from who knows.Thank goodness Golden Retrievers are designed to have soft mouths. I could of lost her so easily – now, to jump start my heart. Oh, she did try to steal my measuring cups after handing me the bulb. Gotta love a Golden Retriever. Now i need to breathe…………..

If she HAD eaten the glass I do have a handy remedy that works- you need NATURAL COTTON balls, and evaporated milk. If you suspect your dog has consumed glass or even staples- soak the balls in the evaporated milk. The dog will gulp it down- the cotton wraps around the shards and will allow the glass pass naturally. Penny ate a glass casserole that exploded one time while baking a casserole. I only had real milk- she gulped it down, no bloody stools. This was 2 yrs ago. Oh, she did this at 2am. So much for boxing the mess, and triple bagging things- her nose works!

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Living in the mountains with my beloved goldens, Great Pyrenees , and three crazy cats. Not to mention the various rescues who pass through here. Life is good!
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