First Crew UPDATE of 2018

Hello, I know I am WAY behind on our updates.
The past year we had many changes in our canine family. From rehomes due to failure to pass their certs, due to age and not able to fit into being one of the house dogs ( mixing with pregnant females from time to time), or too big for the house. Not to mention the loss of some of the crew due to cancer, fatty tumors and age. Hoping 2018 has less of the negative and MORE POSITIVE!
Ok, believe it or not Penny is now the eldest of the crew. She has been very depressed after losing her housemates Freyia ( her buddy ), Loki ( her Uncle ) and Annie Oakley Kitty (her kitty). ( not in order)
She is starting to bounce back, not handling being alone in the house with just the cats and I, but she will manage it somehow.

Goliath is now the 2nd oldest – he will be turning 6 next week. Hard to believe isn’t it? He is doing well, despite learning he isn’t the toughest dude on the property. He got his arse handed to him by Udens! I know shocking Mr Nothing phases me. I will explain later in the post.

Willow who just turned a whopping 5! She is doing fantastic, has her girly figure back from having pups and her butt feathers are happily growing back in ( after the pre whelp trim ). Interesting fact is she is now playing with Wren & Hawk daily and even Camilla gets her to romping and playing. It is so fun to watch.

Joey- believe it or not he is next up in age! Still spins on his food bowl, water buckets are fun. Today while running around like a fool he found an empty bucket and batted it around the driveway. My mother hadn’t seen this behavior up close ( only heard it ) and she almost fell over laughing. Later he found an empty food bowl and rolled it around some. I know the bowl roll was a delaying tactic to extend his time outside his 400ft long run! The brat! chuckle

Ramses- yes, next up is our fluffy snuggly red fellow. he is currently on a date. I will not say whom because I don’t want to jinx it. I so want puppies from him. Ramses is a good boy, he runs around then returns to his run or sits next to me to have the leash put on. It is a bonding thing with him.

Myrie- Your going Myrie????? Yes, she is the next oldest. She just turned 3. She is so ball focused it is not funny. As a result she has learned to roll the ball under the gate so I can throw it for her. I sometimes find 4 balls waiting for me. Have to admit seeing a ball roll down the boardwalk puts a smile on my face.

Camilla- As you know she also just turned 3 yrs old. She is one happy dog, she runs around like she never had the TPLO surgery. Only time you notice is when she stands still and you see the one hind leg doesn’t quiet touch the ground. She leaps beautifully over the log in their run. Her coat is back to almost normal post puppies. Just a little more growth on her feathers and she will be back to curly and proud of it!

Ok, now I have to THINK of the order for some crazy reason- Oh, it’s Udens Next!
Udens- he just turned 3 this month. Yes, I know I promised to explain about handing Goliath his arse. Well, blame Lady…. yes, LADY! She dug under the fence and went into Goliath’s run. As we all know Goliath hates sharing his run so he was barking at her. Udens went WHITE KNIGHT, crawled under the fence and defended her honor. He ended up with one scratch on his ear and Goliath ended up at the vets due to numerous punctures. Funny thing is Udens crawled into his room again and Goliath gave him wide berth. How did I separate them? A bucket of water!

Lady- ah, my BRAT child. Now, don’t get grumpy about me calling her a brat. Her current count for destroyed fencing is 4 kennels need repairs! Two were done within HOURS! Of course since it is winter we can’t dig to replace posts or boards or fill in the holes. So, she is in lockdown as is Ramses and Udens ( she let them out as well). Now, she is super sweet, a bit jumpy but sweet. Just loves to cause havoc- see above… Udens vs Goliath.
yikes I need to update her photos

Wren- Beautiful little Wren ( well not so little she is 7 months old now). She is sweet girl, quiet even. She took after Mommy in that thankfully. She loves to wrestle with Hawk, Willow and her Momma Camilla. Ball fiend!!! Yes, she fetches and gives the ball.

Hawk- Handsome,sweet snuggly 6 month old Hawk. Always snuggles and gives me kisses every day. He also fetches beautifully and hands me the ball or drops at my feet. Now, don’t hide treats in your pockets you will find his nose inserted deeply! Sadly he has taken to BARKING like a fool in greeting. Hoping this is just a stage.

Gaia- yes, Gaia is next in age she is 11 days older than Naki. As you have been following the posts you know we are working on the no chewing on Penny thing. She now comes when called most of the time. She loves face rubs. Still a tad shy with new people if loose- a gate gives her confidence.

Wabanaki aka Naki- The current baby of the family. Mr STUBBORN, MR ATTITUDE, Mr I CAN’T HEAR YOU! He is a snuggler, just a very strong willed pup.

The kitties???
Matilda is doing well she misses Loki to no end she keeps looking for her dog. It is very heartbreaking. Although she is now showing me the same affection she showed him.

I really need to update photos of her!

Charley- he was upset at the missing nap buddy Loki but not as much as Matilda. He has made friends with the two wild pups Gaia and Naki.

Hope you loved the update and your cheat sheet of sorts. Have a great year folks. Ellee aka Grammy to all those pups I have sent out to the world.

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