Willow meets the pups!

Good Evening,
Today, Willow got to meet the puppies. She had a MOMMY Day to celebrate her birthday. She isn’t into toys, so it is the best gift for her. Well, as I suspected Gaia is a brat! She loves to grab skin and tug on it. I thought it was only Penny, but she did the same thing to Willow. Willow got even she sat on her! Stopped the behavior too surprisingly. We shall see if she nips Penny in the morning. The puppies like most of the crew love ICE chunks, Gaia picked one up and raced around with it.
Today, Goliath was barking at Joey who was running around like a fool, moved next to the Puppy’s room started to bark and Naki stuck his PAW in his mouth. Goliath stopped, turned and looked at me with this bemused look on his mug. Stopped the barking too! I gotta love the simple solution.

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