Mercury’s Loki of Kurzeme- Loki aka Little Man 15 June 2003- 26 December 2017

Loki aka Little Man left us to join his Mother, siblings, love of his life, his daughter, Annie O and many others at the bridge today.
I knew this was coming when he started having difficulty walking, losing weight in his rear end and sleeping most of the day away. He was a happy camper still grinning at me with the ornery grin of his up til Friday. Friday, he had what could of been a stroke, which took away the smile, the wag in his tail ( literally it was a limp noodle) and his ability to get up on his own.

Yes, I hid this from his fans, the new families because I didn’t want to ruin the holiday weekend, or the joy of taking a new puppy home.
He passed away in my arms and that of his favorite veterinary nurse Julie who knew him since he was 4 weeks.

Do not mourn him- celebrate him. He had a good life. Went on adventures, was a proud papa, Grandpa, and Unky to those who passed through here. River trips were his joy, or just a car ride. This year I got to take him to the bay. He loved that day. Even though we were at the bay searching for a missing dog. He made the best of everything.
Now, don’t forget his mischievous side folks the one which caused a litter to be called MONKEY BUSINESS because he scaled a 12 foot fence. The day he got stuck in the weirdest way possible- back feet on the chain link fence around a dog house and his front feet on the dog house. To this day I still don’t know how he did that.
The escapes from the one run that I suspected how he was obtaining ‘freedom’- and finally seeing it on the security camera- putting his back to the tree next to the fence and climbing up and over!
One family reminded me that one dog was so obnoxious to Loki that he lifted his leg and Peed in his face with that famous grin of his… a story they love telling.

A favorite story of mine was when I was doing the Harpers Ferry Flea Market when he was a pup and this regular biker group would come through- nice people. And this 7 foot biker with a huge scar on his face was a regular. He loved Loki and one day he was shuffling not strutting away… and Jumped in front of him and said ” Assume the position”, Loki came out of his jacket. His wife asked ” how did you know”, I simply said… ” he wasn’t strutting”. He cracked up laughing. It was a joke, the look on passerby’s faces was priceless.

The time at the Flea market he helped someone with PTSD, I found him wondering around the market with a dazed look. I knew what was happening, I guided him into my booth sat him down, and put Loki in his arms. He was a puppy of 12 weeks, and stayed still for 3 hrs. When he came back to the here and now, saw Loki and said ” thanks buddy”. He asked me how did I know… just smiled and said ” you told me years ago this happens… so knew what to do”. He would go to the flea market to stay safe around people when a state came on… Loki saved him that day.

Loki was a blood donor for 3 yrs… he saved lives!

When I went to get Loki tattooed he fell asleep and started to snore. The tattoo artist couldn’t believe it- the room full of people who knew Loki all said in unison ” That’s LOKI for you”. And yes, he snored while donating blood as well.

I remember the day he was born- he nipped me at a few seconds of age.. always said he branded me at whelp (birth).

Celebrate those memories of Loki… he loved life remember that.

Good bye my sweet goofy ornery rascal of a Little Man. Until we meet again.

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