We got our 1st shots! Safari Litter

Good Evening,
Today, we went to the vets for our first shots. We escaped the exam room a few times. Making the staff laugh. Marvin helped make out the bill.

Ok, we had a TIE for heavy weight champ… both Marvin & Leonardo weighed in the same weight

The pup who gained the most weight was Leonardo at a whopping 6.5 pounds!
Our light weight champ was/is Charis

Emma interestingly gained the least weight at 4.3 pounds

Ok, here we go…. I will just put this weeks weights down:

Luna- 10.9
Emma- 9.6
Charis- 9.5
Marvin- 13.4
Flynn- 11
Parker- 11.4
Gunner- 11.2
Ben- 10.2

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