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Good evening,
Being born on a Monday throws me for a loop. I am used to vet checks at 4, 6 & 8 weeks. So… my usual Thursday appointment can be a tad off. Add a holiday and it can really throw a wrinkle. For those getting the males- all family jewels present & accounted for!

Now, the weights! I know you are going who gained the most? Who gained the least? The heavy weight champ, the light weight of the litter???

Am I dragging this out on you???

WOW the pup who gained the most…… MARVIN!!!! He gained a whopping 2.6 pounds and this makes him the heavy weight champ at….7.2 pounds.
Now the surprise weight gain was Parker he had the second highest at 2.1 pounds.
Our light weight this time goes to Ben who weighted in at 5 pounds.
The least gained was by Charlie at .9 pounds

Overall the pups weights are good. No concerns at this time. After this worming they will surely gain weight in the next two weeks.

Ok, ready for the chart??? I can’t hear ya! Chuckle…

Luna went from 3.9 pounds to 5.9 pounds
Emma went from 3.6 pounds to 5.3 pounds
Charis went from 3.4 pounds to 4.4 pounds
Marvin went from 4.6 pounds to 7.2 pounds
Flynn went from 3.7 pounds to 5.1 pounds
Parker went from 3.6 pounds to 5.7 pounds
Charlie went from 3.7 pounds to 4.6 pounds
Leonardo went from 5.2 pounds to 6.9 pounds
Gunner went from 3.7 pounds to 5.4 pounds
Obi Wan “Ben” went from 3.4 pounds to 5 pounds

Going to the vet wears a puppy out.

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