Safari Litter 5 week old Individual shots.. plus 2 days

Good Evening,
I know you are wondering what happened yesterday. I went to upload a video… and since it was a similar one – puppy rampaging part two to the last one and it some how managed to be exactly the same length… Youtube called it a duplicate and that was the end of that.

Since the pups are full of energy it takes 3 people to do the photos. As a result I have to wait until I have help. Thanks to two lovely ladies I had some today. We are also sporting new big puppy collars.

A reminder of who is whom:
Luna- big goofy zebra
Emma- crocodile
Charis- big goofy giraffe
Parker- floppy lion
Gunner- hippo
Leonardo- Rhino
Marvin- goofy giraffe
Charlie- elephant
Flynn- old lion
Obi Wan “Ben”- Marty the zebra

some of the puppies sat right up others…. enjoy!

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