Egads, Kennel hoppers…

Kennel hopping is a nasty practice. It is as the name suggests. People go from kennel to kennel to look at puppies. Sometimes spreading Parvo as they go.

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease that can produce a life-threatening illness. The virus attacks rapidly dividing cells in a dog’s body, most severely affecting the intestinal tract. Parvovirus also attacks the white blood cells, and when young animals are infected, the virus can damage the heart muscle and cause lifelong cardiac problem
What Are the General Symptoms of Parvovirus?

The general symptoms of parvovirus are lethargy, severe vomiting, loss of appetite and bloody, foul-smelling diarrhea that can lead to life-threatening dehydration.
How Is Parvovirus Transmitted?

Parvovirus is extremely contagious and can be transmitted by any person, animal or object that comes in contact with an infected dog’s feces. Highly resistant, the virus can live in the environment for months, and may survive on inanimate objects such as food bowls, shoes, clothes, carpet and floors. It is common for an unvaccinated dog to contract parvovirus from the streets, especially in urban areas where there are many dogs.

I have heard of whole litters wiped out due to this practice.

Yesterday I had a family call midday saying something like the spouse had to work can they reschedule for later. I had a room full of people playing with the puppies so I didn’t pay attention to the klaxon’s going off in my head.
Not only were they late, they reasked simple questions I had already gone over with them over the phone. They seemed almost disinterested in the puppies. The normal excitement wasn’t there. I was too tired to read the signals at that moment. Then they were ready to leave… and was told I will call you in the morning. I chimed in and said ” I don’t hold puppies without a deposit”. Now, I KNOW I had discussed the deposit with them…

6:30am I bolt out of bed and realize I had kennel hoppers! Thank goodness I had them take off their shoes. I will steam mop the hallway later on prior to visits today.

Most ” I will be backs ” or ” I will call you with our answers” never do so. They were ‘shopping’ for a puppy.

Kennel hopping is an insult to the breeder- we open our homes/kennels ( both for me )to you, allot time to spend with you and you use our time like it is worthless. Not to mention you could potentially kill off my litter.

Now, If I am wrong about this family I am sorry. But…. what are the odds?

these are the lives put in jeopardy when Kennel hoppers visit….

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