The Waiting Game for Puppies!

Everyone is on pins and needles waiting for the puppies to arrive. I have everything prepped as far as I can til the event. Of course Willow is being herself. I was able to express milk from her teats yesterday so within 48 hrs is the normal. Well, it is Willow! Her belly is very full and she is uncomfortable and not to mention restless. She just walked back into my office again.
I know some of you are going wasn’t Lady pregnant? Well, she lost the litter around6 weeks she was getting round and went off her food and then had a waist again. A doggie miscarriage – or in proper terms she reabsorbed the pups. This happens sadly.
Oh, joy sunshine! Been overcast and wet all morning.
Back to the impending litter. I have no clue how many but, she has to be stuffed as big as she is currently. Will post as soon as I can when they arrive.
Until then….. I will leave you the litter designation……… Safari Litter.
Darn, the sun just left and it is raining again. Just like Willow can’t settle. lol

Safari Friends are ready

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