EGADS! I am late on the Crew Updates!

The crew are doing well. Finally recovering after the loss of our Freyia and just a few short weeks later Annie Oakley kitty. Amazing how losing the cat affected the dogs who barely saw her the past two years. But, she was and will always be family.

Loki- our goofy old man. Still a rascal. Slowing down some. Loved the last litter despite them tripping him and spraining his leg!

Ozzy- scared me silly not long ago with a fever of unknown origin. He has recovered and back to his goofy happy self.

Ozzy was being difficult was lucky to get a mug shot

yikes I need a new photo of him!

Penny- Still a rascal who gets into mischief. Loves the puppies and can’t wait till she gets to play with them every day.

Willow- still sweet, goofy and hard headed. She will be next up in rotation for a litter. Hopefully December puppies.

Goliath- Sadly we had to shave the big guy again due to skin issues. He loved playing and interacting with this litter. He is in good spirits and still stubborn.

Titon- Still as sweet as ever. Gives me his daily hugs which are my bliss.

Joey- ah, my goofy boy he still spins on his food bowl spilling his food, now he does it on his biscuits. He was a proud papa of this past litter. He has calmed down alot. Still a bit of a spaz.

Joey being a squinty face

and it isn’t easy to get his mug shots taken always moving.

Ramses- AH, he is a chip off of the ol’ block…. escape artist! He was climbing out of his run, and we added an extension to 12 feet, and now he has taken to digging under. Sigh…. Good thing I love him.

Udens- Our Mush! He is so patient with our bratty girl Lady. She gets to wrestling with him and he just takes it in stride. Once in awhile he will sit on her to make her stop.

Lady- Our sweet, bratty girl. She is a pistol! She did pass her certifications so will be a Mommy hopefully in December- with Ramses.

Lady being a goof

Another one who won’t stand still for photos!

Myrie- Just need to redo her hip exam since her heat cycle made her fail. If she passes – puppies hopefully in December. ( I know your going three litters at once? Well, the odds are only one will have pups- two tops)
She is still a sweet quiet girl who loves playing keep away with her ‘sister’ Camilla.

Camilla- Our sweet girl. She was an awesome mother and an easy delivery. She has her girly figure back and is enjoying playing keep away from her ‘sister’ Myrie.

Looks like I need a more recent photos of her – that is a pregnant shot. chuckle

And the newest member of the family….
Wren! She is sweet, spunky, and loves to go on adventure. She loves visiting all the other dogs already and going for walks.

The kitties:
As you may of noted our Annie Oakley died a few weeks ago. I will say it again CANCER SUCKS! She went out with dignity in my arms. I do miss her. Until we meet again baby girl.

Matilda- having a rough time adjusting to being the eldest kitty. She misses her sister taking care of me and she is trying to fill those pawprints and it is playing havoc with her normal personality. I am not forcing her she is doing this on her own. She sees I am missing Annie and having her in my lap watching tv. Matilda can’t stay still that long in a lap. She tries and I love her for it.
She did her duty and helped train the puppies the rule ” Cats Rule, Dogs Drool” Or ” Bow, to the cat”.

Charley- the bratty little brother. After Annie passed he went off on his own to grieve. He has taken out his sadness on poor Matilda. Yet, he has shown more affection towards me. He did his job and helped train the puppies.

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