4 weeks old Wild Bills Sideshow!

Good Morning folks!
yesterday the pups had a big day. Off to the vet for their first check up! All did well. Clean bills of health. Surprisingly most of the males have their little family jewels down already. Usually you see them at 6 weeks.
Today, they start meeting families.
Here are their weights:
Wren: 4.3
Rosie: 4
River: 3.9
Neptune: 4.5
Crockett: 4.2
Olivia: 3.3
Blue 1: 4.8
Blue 3: 3.6
Blue 6: 3.7
Yellow 2: 4.5
Yellow 3: 3.6
Yellow 4: 3.5

Keep in mind weights at this stage are only for worming and curiosity purposes. They do not necessarily reflect adult weights. After first worming they seem to sprout like weeds after a rain.

More photos later- my battery on my camera died and I was an airhead and forgot to charge the back up battery.

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