The Hidden Costs Of Raising Puppies

A Puppy Costs HOW MUCH? The Hidden costs to puppies…

I hear time and time again why so much for puppies. I personally hate raising my rates. But, it is a fact of life. The cost of food alone is a factor. Adult dogs eat ( Golden Retrievers) an average of 8-10 pounds a food a week. Puppies make a mess and go through a 34 pound bag a week or more depending on messy factor , litter size, and age.

Prenatal Care for Mommy: A hidden cost! I tend to start ‘spoiling’ Mommy dogs around 6 weeks pregnant. Their diet consists of canned good quality puppy food, cottage cheese, vanilla yogurt, mexican blend cheese, organ meat ( kidneys, heart and liver), good quality dry puppy food out at all times. I feed this combo til the pups are 2 weeks old, and go to canned food and dry food only til pups are 3 weeks, then start switching Mommy out to regular adult once the weaning starts. Opps, I forgot I put formula on the food to help Mommy lactate, and the puppies food during weaning. The cost can be considerable for a good quality milk replacer. Currently a 28 oz can is costing around $29.

Then you factor in the worming meds. I prefer using Drontal if the pups are heavy enough because it is one dose , easy to dispense ( no messy liquids), and within hours usually the vermin ( worms) are dispelled.
For a litter of 10 pups It cost $137.50 for the meds with weights from 6.7 to 8.2 pounds. At 6 weeks. I had already wormed them at 4 weeks and will again at 8 weeks. Why so often the worms take nutrients they can’t grow if they don’t get the nutrition.
Microchips- I microchip my pups fact of life. Cost for me is approx $15 per chip and throw in $20 to my friend who does the chipping. I will admit I do not have the knack and depend on people trained to take blood or give medication.
Ah, Shots… Distemper shots I know for an adult $24.25. 8 week old visit for a litter of 10 pups- Drontal ( worming) and first shots:
Canine Drontal Small- $202.80 1 ½ pills per puppy. 1st Canine DA2PL-CPV shot- 10 pups $242.60.
OH, office visit! That charge luckily my vet only charges once at 4 weeks. He considers the next to visits follow ups. That is $47.50 currently.
NOW, for the testing on the parents…
Office visit: $47.50
Hip Xray: $213.00
OFA cert: $35.00
Heart: $180.00
Opps they think they hear a murmur so you have the echo cardiogram done to rule out an innocent murmur…….$460.00
OFA cert: $15.00
Ichthyosis dna test to see if parent is a carrier, or has it…. Caught on sale whew ½ price takes it down to:

Total without OFFICE visits: $ 943 per parent.

Why the testing? for healthy, happy, long lived pups. Is it worth it to you now?

I use old sheets for the puppy area- so that means laundry… lots of it. Laundry detergent, bleach, and fabric scent stuff ( it kills the lingering puppy poop smell surprisingly). Cleaning solution for the walls and floor.
I buy Veterinary grade stuff A box last year of four bottle of concentrate was approx $76. Can only buy in a four count box.

Oh, the whelping area floor need to protect the flooring …. Rolled linoleum – two rolls…

I recently priced Whelping beds in case I have three litters at once the price for a ex large is down to $299 wow!

Puppy id collars since I buy a box of 500 of the writable ones for the first 4 weeks and it takes awhile to use them I am not current on that price. But, there is cat collars for the 4-6 week range. Think average $3 a piece. If they get really big the next size up collar say average $5 each.

I try to raise happy healthy pups that means happy healthy adults. Food, water , love, adventure and toys are all required not to mention vet care.

Go forth and hug your dog……… They are priceless.
Newborn pup- Jailbreak Gang

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J. Ellee Neilands
March 2017

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