Explaining Hip Ratings

Neptune my first dog diagnosed with bad joints- here at 12 yrs plus

A few of you have been following the theme of good hips vs. bad hips lately. Of course only a few understand the ratings. So, I am going to attempt to explain them to you.

Using the OFA- Orthopedic Foundation For Animals standard

Radiographic Evaluation of Pelvic Phenotype with respect to hip dysplaysia.
( in laymans terms how well formed the hip joints, and the balls of the legs are formed)

The three main ratings for hips in the happy category are:
Excellent- superior hip joint conformation as compared with other individuals of the same breed and age
( side note if you get this rating don’t faint it is rare to get it)
Good – Well formed hip joint conformation as compared with other individuals of the same breed and age
Fair- minor irregularities of the hip joint conformation as compared with other individuals of the same age and breed ( side note- think normal)

Sadly there is a vet in Pa that has found a way to ’cheat’ and get excellent ratings on all dogs. I heard this from a breeder of Dobermans. He questioned a dogs hip ratings and had them redone…. Need I say more?

Ok, now onto the sad side of hip ratings- The negative side. When I had my first ones done there were only 3 categories there are now 4.

Borderline Hip Joint Conformation- marginal hip joint conformation of indeterminate status with respect to hip dysplasia at this time- repaeat study in six months

Mild Hip Dysplaysia – radiographic evidence of minor dysphasic changes of the hip joints

Moderate Hip dysplaysia- well defined radiographic evidence of dysplastic changes of the hip joints

Severe Hip Dysplaysia- radiographic evidence of marked dysplastic changes of the hip joints
( side note- I have seen an xray of this and it is NOT a pretty sight, makes you wonder how he had a beautiful gait, and took titles)

It is recommended to have hips done at 9 months and final exam at 2 yrs. Ratings can improve with age, not always but, I have seen it happen.

There is a second rating they do for bad hips- actually a break down…
It actually breaks it down for remodeling and degenerative joints and such.

I won’t do the break downs no need to confuse you more. Just joking. Of course you never know what life throws at you.

Now hug your furry family members. 🙂

Brutus hips 12 May 12

Updated: 17 Feb 2013

Not a year after the first posting of this entry, I had two dogs diagnosed with bad hips. The x-ray attached is of one of those dogs. He later required hip surgery- look in archives under Brutus Hips. I am happy to say his surgery was a success and he is living a ‘normal’ life. The other dog had a SEVERE hip rating and had 5 points out of the 8 sub categories of hip displaysia. She is a happy Girl and living a wonder life hiking and swimming. The best way to keep her muscles in tone so she can lead a normal life. The dog Brutus was made to lose weight quickly by an uniformed vet!
Just do your research and remember bad hips is not a death sentence…….. it just means you need to adjust your life a little. NO, high jumps allowed. 🙂

Also go to the OFA- OFFA website and check offspring of the parents, this could be an indication that one parent could be a ‘carrier’ for bad hips. As with Fiona’s father. Had a EXCELLENT rating yet several of his daughters had bad hips. Do your research please.
Now, hug your furry wonder…..

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