Happy DANCE!!! “Are you sure, she is from the same litter?” Lotus update…

I know some of you have been following this thread. As you know last week I found out Brutus had bad hips and I scheduled a hip exam for Lotus. Today was the day. I go into the vets office. They tell me to go into the exam room- and up on the screen are the most beautiful hips! I heard the vet tech and asked are they Lotus’? Yes, they are. So, I scramble over for a closer look. Our veterinary nurse comes in and says ” Are you sure she is from the same litter?” Considering the letter from the AKC saying there was a mix up with the litter…. I am beginning to doubt they are. Brutus weighed in at 78.8 pounds. Lotus 79.1 pounds. I know that is backwards. So, I am mentally doing a happy dance. Next up is Calliope to have her hips done. Then I have to drive 70 miles one way to take the girls in for heart certifications. I don’t like the clinics- the closest one is at a busy kennel and it tends to be too noisy to be relaxing for those being examined. So, I try to take mulitple dogs at once. Saves on gas and there is a kennel discount. Next will be the eye certifications- this is only 60 miles away. Thank you all for the kind thoughts and crossed fingers for our girl Lotus.

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2 Responses to Happy DANCE!!! “Are you sure, she is from the same litter?” Lotus update…

  1. Sam says:

    Yay! It looks like some good news is heading your way!


  2. Ellee says:

    Thanks Sam! I am so relieved. Now to find a home for poor Brutus. I hate rehoming him he is my little buddy… but, I feel he will do better in a smaller ‘pack’. Ellee

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