Earthquake prediting Golden Retriever???

Good Morning Ellee,

Ok new nickname for you know who-Smarty “quaky” Pants. Don’t know if all your crew suspected something was up yesterday, but I am going to be paying a lot more attention when she does this again….

On Monday afternoon, let Carly out and she just stands in the middle of the yard, head up skyward, moving her head back and forth, sniffing the air. Hey, I thought maybe she was smelling all the freshly made road kill from overnight. Then Tuesday morning, I let her out to do her business and she does the same thing. Let her out again about 12:30 on Tuesday afternoon and she does the same thing. After the quake went through at 2:00, she has not done it since. I will keep you posted for anymore forecasting on her part- so you can hunker down and hold on tight for the next shaker. Something tells me you probably have one or two sniffers up there with their own prediction ways. Think I will put her on the news for her 15 minutes of fameJ.

I am telling you, animals do know and can sense bad stuff. Wish we had a little bit more of that sense, not as much, because we would be going around smelling each others butts.


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