Pet Peeves- My Dog is Missing What do I do?

Your going Pet Peeves??? Yes, I am sad when a pet goes missing of course the Pet Peeve is that when the “Lost” posters go out there are NO PHOTOS!!! It is a sad state of affairs when families are diligent on taking photos of their children, but not of their pets. I got a poster today of a missing pet- odd mix even and of course it was so odd I couldn’t even imagine what the dog looked like. Thank goodness they had a photo! I get up to 20 missing pet notices a week. Let that sink in…. guess, how many don’t have photos? Your thinking/guessing aren’t you? 12 or more out of that 20 will NOT have a photo. I take photos of the dogs who stay here at my kennel, families think it is a great thing. To me, I know until next time I see that pet they have a current photo! Beside if you go on vacation you take photos why not get your dogs vacation photos?
The photos included in this post are of MY Missing Pet. Two were taken just two weeks before he was stolen from my yard. 8 years later I still look for that beloved face and those scars on his nose from a puppy hood accident.

Here is what I include in my puppy kits:
OH MY ! My Beloved Pet is Missing What shall I do?????

First find a current photo of missing pet!
Make posters with the following information:
Age, Name, last seen: date/location, any unusual markings/scars, if microchipped/tattooed,if medications are needed/health issues if any!
Your phone number- a back up number or two even!
DO NOT give all information- such as special nicknames- this is a reserve to PROVE it is your beloved!
Send posters out in the world- on stop signs near area last seen, drop off at local vets offices ( or mail), groomers, local shelters- also email them to local rescues in area. Another resource is drop off at the post office! Even your regular UPS delivery person- who is out there every day is another set of eyes and ears.
There is a site online for lost pets- – your poster can be sent to all area shelters instantly!
CHECK in with local shelters/groups regularly- also the vets office!!!!!
A special help is letting the local teenagers KNOW your pet is missing! Yep, teenage networking- they hear/see things we don’t!

I hope NONE of you need this- but it is a good idea to keep this information handy. Remember some local humane societies are actually euthenizing dogs if they gulp food! So, act quickly – and photo regularly!!!!!!
Hug those pups/kittens for me. Ellee aka GRAMMY!

Author: Cassiopeia’s Golden Legacy
J. Ellee Neilands

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Living in the mountains with my beloved goldens, Great Pyrenees , and three crazy cats. Not to mention the various rescues who pass through here. Life is good!
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