Life is a Rollercoaster….. And my Goldens are in the wrong seats!

Brutus dancing happily - showing his bubbly self.

Lotus showing her totally happy self

Dagan doing what he loves best - wearing mud and carying something

Your going interesting title. Well, let me explain. I take the time to get my dogs cleared for healthy heart, hips, and eyes prior to breeding. Recently I had the sad discovery Dagan has Thyroid issues so he can’t be bred. Darn! Then today I took my bubbly happy boy Brutus in for his Hip Certifications. I usually call to see how they are behaving, todays response was not the normal ” doing great, and the xrays look good”. What I heard made me sink into a state of shock, ” They want to show you the xrays, and don’t want to submit them”. I went into the office to pick up my bubbly boy only to see a sad sight when viewing the xrays. Instead of healthy round ball joints I saw SQUARE ones, and boney outgrowths on the hip bones. I am still sick to my stomach at that sight. I had them submit the xrays anyway so I can find out the rating. This way when I rehome him they can be prepared for his future. I am close to tears, my bubbly boy has bad hips. I know he can live a healthy long life with bad hips. But, I will never have the joy of seeing bubbly mini Brutus clones running around my feet. To add to my upset stomach… I have his sister. Lotus goes in next week for her hip certifications. Fingers crossed both aren’t in such a sad state. Life is a rollercoaster ride, why did my goofy pups have to take the wrong car?

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