Good Morning! Jailbreak Gang 5 days old.

Good Morning! the pups are doing fantastic. I will be soon taking individual photos of the pups. I need help with that since the wiggle so much. Some of you have asked how many pups are still looking for homes. Only 3! Two convicts ( males ) and 1 Lass ( girl ). Arya is doing well, she is eating well, we have started her on the formula smoothie. What’s that? Well, I mix formula semi thick and feed it to Momma. It gives her a boost to her immune system and helps her produce milk for the wee ones. I found out about this purely by accident. Years ago Penny had 13 pups and she couldn’t keep up with them so we bottle fed some to help her out. Well, she refused to feed at all and it was near weaning so I sprinkled some formula on the food which she ate- the next day she was full of milk and dancing around like a fool. Happy accident wouldn’t you say? Also some have inquired here on the blog about cost of pups. Please contact the kennel directly I will gladly provide the email address. I will say, pups will have first shots, wormed 3xs, and microchipped.

Ok, here we go… sweet faces to start your day. Ok, for some reason photos won’t upload will try again later on. Please be patient.

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