Golden Retriever River Adventure!

Today we had another River Adventure. A rather special young lady joined us. She has helped deliver puppies, socialize puppies, and the crew adore her. She was given the fun job of choosing the last two members of our group.
Attending today:

Little did I realize that in the past three days apparently Belle has gone into heat. So, Brutus was rather attentive to the point of annoying the heck out of poor Belle. I had been planning on pairing the two for the next litter. Some of you are going he is blonde…. we want red puppies. Well, Brutus’ Mommy is a RED girl! So, we are sure to throw several red pups.

Every river adventure is unique. The last time we had an adventure a helicopter flew over. This time I had the camera in my hand! Also to add the fun a Blue Heron flew to its nest!

As usual when editing the photos when I see the splash ones I think of a special fellow named Quinn. I hope he enjoys these shots as he has in the past.

If you want to see the image larger just click on it, and to identify it put her cursor over it.

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