School Is Starting, Kids are leaving, and the dog??

That sad face could be your furry family member and not just Titon resting.

Remember it isn’t just you and the kids affected by the new school year. Your beloved canine sidekick and even the feline sidekick will feel the empty house just as you will. The furry members of our family have had you to themselves for almost three months. So, if they act out… they miss you. Acting out can include: theft of clothing, toys, remotes, and the trash can! So, please be patient and understanding to their sadness. When the kids get home suggest they make a BIG production of saying hello to the ‘lost’ family member. Because they feel lost without us.

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Living in the mountains with my beloved goldens, Great Pyrenees , and three crazy cats. Not to mention the various rescues who pass through here. Life is good!
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