Senior Dogs…. part two!

Last August I posted about my loss of words concerning people dumping senior dogs in shelters. At that time the oldest was 16 that I had heard of… now there was a 20 yr old. I sit here shaking my head at the selfishness of that act.

My TWO favorite times in a dogs life is Puppy & Senior Hood! The middle is just icing on the cake. Puppies learn the world and the joy of exploring is evident on their faces. It is the same for a senior. That joy should never die. Why do I say that? Some people treat senior dogs as invalids. They may be slow to keep up but so are puppies. Loki my soon to be 12 yr old may be the lag behind, but his soul is willing to keep up with us. Playing the grumpy Uncle to the trio at the house. He races me to them every morning, and plays the grumpy Uncle. I always scold him for pretending to be grumpy, he just flashes that grin of his.



He has the patience of a saint with the puppies most days.
5 April 15 UNKY Loki I wuv YOU Camilla style
12 april 15 Loki and Udens 3

When people say they don’t want to get a puppy until their older dog is gone, what a wasted opportunity! The senior dog teaches the puppies and a part of them lives on! Not to mention it cuts down on training time because they have a mentor!

15 March 15 Sadie haning with Loki

And for some seniors they are the fountain of youth the new comers. Besides they know someone will take of taking care of their beloved humans.

Of course Senior dogs think white on their muzzle exempts them from their manners… chuckle.
18 April 15 Loki being goofy

Freyia now is showing more white on her sweet face, but she is so patient with the puppies. They adore her. Her happy wiggly bounce makes me smile like a fool. Why would you throw that away??
5 April 15 Freyia bunny ears.
She is still very much the puppy! At 10 yrs old she has more energy that one would expect.
19 feb 15 Playtime Chester Freyia Penny2

Chasing her cousin Penny is just another happy time for her. Happily Freyia is over most of the grieving process since Kyrie passed. I am thankful for that I was worried.

Ozzy- boy did he go white! Now 8 yrs old. He still acts like a puppy jumping up to give me a morning squeeze. Yes, he hugs! Loves to splash in the stream in his run, being called the Mud KING! He devotion hasn’t changed over the years. It is a comfort that I will miss when he leaves us. Hopefully not for a good many more years.
12 april 15 Ozzy water time



Penny- will be 8 this coming July. I doubt she will ever slow down, her Grandmother Andy never did. Still gets into trouble by stealing loaves of bread, bagels, and butter. Not to mention, digging up the yard mole hunting.
5 April 15 Camilla Penny 3

Her love of puppies has NOT changed one ounce over the years. She is ever the teacher, mentor and playmate.
1 April 15 2 Camilla Myrie and Penny

Although her OCD for water skimmers hasn’t changed either!
17 March 15 Penny

Senior dogs are priceless in my book. I love those grey muzzles. I have several wonder senior dogs who board here. I love them as if they are my own dogs, mostly because they have been coming here for years, but…. it is those sweet mugs…..

Flash- 10 yr old Basset Hound
Of course some seniors never stop stealing food, turning off their ears ( no matter the length), and pretending they don’t know better.

1 April 15 Boone being Goofy
Boone the Black Lab- my buddy and sweet boy who still won’t eat until I hug him and do a mild wrestle. Still acts the total goof.

17 March 15  Simon who me
Simon 17 yrs old. Came to me this year as a first timer. He can be cranky, but otherwise a joy to know. ( He has two bratty siblings you would be cranky too!)

No matter the packaging I adore our seniors. They are a gift to us.

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