Doc’s Follies Litter is 5!!! Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to the litter that kind of surprised the vet. Chuckle, he swore Kyrie wasn’t pregnant with a sonogram, next was the x-rays, which I insisted on because she looked huge… only for the nurse to catch out of the corner of her eye a single skull. Apparently I had my date off by a few days. He was of course shame faced at his mistake. When he heard of the litters designation he burst out laughing. He loved it!
Calliope 1 May 14

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Living in the mountains with my beloved goldens, Great Pyrenees , and three crazy cats. Not to mention the various rescues who pass through here. Life is good!
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  1. Dolly says:

    Brody sends a very Happy Birthday to all of his beautiful litter mates!

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