We LOVE our new digs inside and out!

Good morning! These guys are loving having more room to romp and play. Even running ( kind of a fast wobble still) up and down my deck. You may of noticed them eating dry food already. See, I put out the dry food when I start feeling teeth coming in. The White powder is puppy formula, a cheater to make sure they get a balanced transition and so they will eat it. Penny is still nursing, and will be for a few more days. Today we will introduce water to their diet. Blossom ( L & O Construction) tried to give or share a tennis ball. Alas they aren’t ready YET for such play. She is totally fascinated by them.
This mornings ‘wake up’ was Penny jumping in bed, and then Matilda ( kitty) jumping up on me. Which signaled Penny to nuzzle me and stare at me. Next up partially on the bed was Blossom. Well, Miss Blossom was not so sure about Matilda’s loving nuzzles. I have to chuckle, Penny always rolls her eyes when Matilda does this. Blossom looked terrified, she wasn’t sure if Matilda was being nice or setting her up for a good thrashing. Just love is all she was dispensing.

Ok, I hear you saying PICTURES!!!
30 June 14  ready

30 June 14 Little fellow

30 June 14 Athena

30 June 14 puppy fight

30 June 14  MY food bowl

30 June 14 Athena sitting

30 June 14  double love

30 June 14  ready to rock n roll

30 June 14 what to do

30 June 14 love me

30 June 14  Blossom watching over us

30 June 14 breakfast on my face Athena

30 June 14 notice me

30 June 14 food bowl gathering

30 June 14 notice me boy

30 June 14 food bowl time

30 June 14 whisper

30 June 14  good morning

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