We are enjoying the outdoors!

Good morning, in order to set up their next quarters I had to move them outside this morning. I will be removing the whelping bed, and setting up an exercise pen. Allowing them a larger indoor space to play instead of bouncing off of the walls of the whelping bed. The outdoor quarters are so I can do this and for cleanups. It is a gentle way to get them used to the outdoors. I set up my larger exercise pens on my front deck ( those too big for indoors) after I bleach and power wash it. They love this outdoor time. As you will be able to see from the photos. Enjoy!
Did I mention Miss Athena is a poser?
29 June 14 food bowl napper

29 June 14 food bowl head prop

29 June 14 zzz

29 June 14 happy girl

29 June 14 exploration time

29 June 14 playtime

29 June 14  face fighting

29 June 14 shall we dance

29 june 14what to do

29 June 14 Athena

29 June 14  Athen ready to conquer the new area

29 June 14  Athena analyzing the set up

29 June 14  nap time

29 June 14 do not disturb

29 June 14 Athena and Penny

29 June 14 Penny and the pups

29 June 14 what is this

29 June 14 nom nom nom

29 June 14 Blossom L O co watches over the puppies

29 June 14 Blossom selfie plus

26 June 14 Penny and the pups

I bet your wondering who that blonde golden is… Blossom is visiting this week. ( L & O Construction litter)

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