Waiting Game…

Good Morning Folks, the waiting Game has commenced. Yesterday I had to do the ‘chore’ I like the least in preparation for delivery. Cutting off of her beautiful waving feathers. Her Tail is now vet wrapped so she can have some pride left and we can see the wee ones arrival. The Thunderstorms has had her restless which can be easily confused with labor. This morning she somehow managed to jump up in bed with me – although, her butt almost caused her to fall back off. She is sleeping in the living room right now on that dog bed. The puppies are so active you can see them move, and if you happen to be petting her – can feel them kick! If she delivers today it would be totally appropriate.. the litter designation is Little Duckling Gang. In honor of Penny’s father who was a Master Hunter, and their father who yes, is also a Master Hunter. Penny loves to fetch in the water and swim. Soon we will have little red wonders appearing in the world. The photos are from yesterday morning from my cam corder sorry for the quality. You can see the love Billy has for his Penny in these shots. 28 May 14  Billy and Penny whelping bed

28 May 14 Penny and Billy

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