Penny Is Not A Happy Camper…. No Trespassing/Hunting means just that!

Living in 47 acres of woods has lots of joy and beauty to it, until someone trespasses not only the boundaries but the boundaries of human/canine interactions. Monday morning Penny and I started the day out normal, snuggled in for morning love along with Matilda the cat. One hand petting Penny the other Matilda. When Penny yawns I look at her perfect bite and pearly whites and smile. We check emails and then go to start the feedings. Penny always gets silly with joy at this prospect. Monday was no different- she ran circles around me as I walked down to the Rescue/Foster area for Morning loving, feeding, and watering time. I lost track of her, this isn’t unusual she sometimes runs down to the pond for a look see so I wasn’t concerned. I finish up with the rescues and head up to Goliath’s run to let him out for morning romp fest. Sometimes Penny goes in and ‘steals’ some of Goliath’s breakfast. Goliath always grins as she does this, don’t worry I add extra to his bucket just for this. Next up go feed a special rescue who is recovering from a severe case of emotional and physical abuse. As I am getting his breakfast I see out of the corner of my eye Penny and Goliath. Goliath’s body language is off. He smells Pennys face and looks at me like ” MOM something is wrong with Penny”. His expression and constant look of what can be only called worry is what made me stop what I was doing and call Penny over. I was shocked to my horror my beautiful 50 pound girl has blood over her face and her cheek/lip is swollen to several times her normal lip size. Turns out not only does she have punctures in her face, but TWO broken teeth. Happily not into the gum line. At first being unaware of the tooth/fang damage we thought animal ruckus. But….Penny never barked, yelped or hollered- and knowing Gman aka Goliath he would of been there to help his beloved Penny- not to mention the other dogs responding to her cries. But, when we saw her tooth/fang damage only one conclusion … HUMAN induced damage. We believe someone was trespassing and Penny went up in her usually happy greeting to be greeted with a hard object in return. Since this has happened Penny hasn’t been her self, very subdued, no happy squirming displays of joy, and no racing out the doggie door to be the first to greet her chosen special people. She still greets some people, but has to be encouraged to.
People wonder why we have no trespassing/hunting signs on the property. Well, with idiots out who trespass without knowledge of what is around the ‘corner’- things happen. We have had gunshots hit out buildings in the past. Since we shut down hunting and free range visits. This has stopped. But…. some people have no respect for landowners, or in this case those who live on this land.
Penny is healing physically her emotional state will take longer to heal. If that mean person reads this… may Karma have fun with you- this from her family, extended family, friends and fans. Your heartless act has ticked off numerous people. Penny only shows love towards people. You shunned her love and gave her pain. Shame on you.20 Sept 13 Penny alert 21 Aug 13 Penny silly sleep position

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  1. turbojesse says:

    This is the dread I live with every day with her daughter who is a free ranger. I can hardly let her out of my sight for 30 seconds because she is so in love with nature and will run off in a heartbeat. Daughter sends love to mommy.

  2. Kelly Ann says:

    My heart breaks for poor Penny…

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