7 weeks 2 days L & O construction

My goodness are we into laces I almost tripped! Graham was an escapee today and when I tried to round him up Goliath ran interference – I called them birds of a feather- both were the biggest in their litters. 30 July 13 Sunny boy and Feather

30 July 13 Blossom and Feather

30 July 13 sundappled pup

30 July 13 Beau in a hole

30 July 13 sunny boy

30 july 13 Beau what to do

30 July 13 coming

30 July 13 Feather

30 July 13 Amber and Graham

30 July 13 Amber on the move

30 July 13 Beau is happy to see Goliath

30 July 13 Goliaths fans

30 July 13 running oppsie

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Living in the mountains with my beloved goldens, Great Pyrenees , and three crazy cats. Not to mention the various rescues who pass through here. Life is good! For those who keep asking.... wordpress.
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