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Deke from the Wild Bunch Litter is visiting

Deke spent the weekend with us. Here is this mornings adventure.

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Fatty Tumors

This is an odd post coming out of nowhere I bet you are thinking. Sadly it isn’t. Yesterday I attended a party, and quickly the conversation went to dogs. NOT how I expected to be enjoying the party but it … Continue reading

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Jenny from Little Duckling Gang came by for a visit…

This gallery contains 25 photos.

Today our Jenny from the Little Duckling Gang came for a visit. Enjoy the fun.

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Getting In the Spirit of Halloween

This gallery contains 60 photos.

The dogs got some really cool toys, and a Trick Or Treat Bucket… Enjoy their play. Oh, and Joey went Mudding! Chuckle Oh, and along for the fun was our girl Athena ( Little Duckling Gang )

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Fans of Penny, Loki, and Goliath something special…

I have been asked if I could do a calendar of Penny, Loki and Goliath… well, I can and did. For our Penny use the above link! For our Loki use the Link below: For Goliath aka Gman: … Continue reading

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Some Morning fun with the puppies!

I know your going where is Willow when you look at the photos. She was at the vets office getting her hips checked out. The xrays looked good, so now we wait. I know you curious how the pups are … Continue reading

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Flora Had an adventure and a date!

Over the weekend Flora and I headed to the Smokey Mountains and Tennessee. She was to have a date with Max Lorelei’s Daddy. If all goes well we will have puppies on the 21st of December or close to it. … Continue reading

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Fall River Adventure!

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Today we had a river adventure. The river was up so most of our beach was underwater. But, everyone had fun. In attendance were: Penny, Loki, Titon and Lotus. Enjoy!

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Vet appointment for the boys… PLUS…

This appointment has been rescheduled moved so many times 3 weeks passed. The boys got a clean bill of health. Of course they were full of energy and stubbornness. Joey is finally at the weight he should be! He weighed … Continue reading

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Morning Romp with Athena!

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Athena of the Little Duckling Gang is visiting this weekend. She is having a blast, wrestling with her brother, hanging with her beau Joey. What more can a ‘girl’ ask for. Enjoy!

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