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Tender Moments ….

Sometimes I am surprised at the tenderness between the cats and the dogs. Annie Oakley Kitty and Penelope.

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October Gang- Happy Birthday!!! 4 Oct 2001

Wow, where did the time go for this litter? I still remember Leda aka Fluffy Ears nursing this litter. Sadly, I have lost touch with most of the litter. Happy Birthday to: Kolby aka The Cheese Hercules- aka Herc Dale … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Smucker!!!

Today is our new fellow’s 5th birthday. Since he has only been here a few months there aren’t alot of photos of him. But…. to be fair we have to say Happy Birthday SCHMUCK!!! I call him Schmuck because he … Continue reading

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Curious about the stages of Canine Pregancy??

This week is a planed breeding for Penny. I know some of you are curious as to the stages… ( chart available through: And to add to the fun- a real x-ray showing puppies…… Jensen Canine Pregnancy Calander Pregnancy … Continue reading

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