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Freaky Weather Makes Happy Golden Retrievers Set two

The day after the storm, wowwwwww!!! Enjoy.

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Freaky Weather Makes For Happy Golden Retrievers

Thesuprise snowstorm of 29 Oct 11, the contrast between fall and winter is beautifully shown in the following images. Enjoy the crews happy moments.

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I am not sure how stressed Penny is? Any Thoughts?

Poor Penny she is so stressed with this possible pregnancy. I am not so sure if she can handle the stress… what do you think? 😉

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Looking For Golden Retriever Calendars? And A Fan Of The Golden Crew?

Every year I assemble some photos into fantastic High Quality Calendars…. Check them out! Have a blast going through the various calendars, You can even adjust what month you want them to start.

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We have heard of the horror stories about ingrown collars- I have seen the mangled mess that can result. ( in honor of my buddy Aidden) Not to mention the accidents that can happen. I remember when Ozzy was a … Continue reading

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Living in the woods is wonderful, however during the first few days of hunting season ( it is muzzle loader) I never walk the dogs. Too many idiots trespassing and hunting. (In memory of Sierra) Of course I feel like … Continue reading

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Adding A new Member of the family can be a roller coaster ride

While restoring the cabin we were greeted with a Torti Cat meowing at us. Very friendly, outgoing. Soon became known as Katie. Katie disappeared for a few weeks, and came back very pregnant. Being the responsible people we brought her … Continue reading

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