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A Stressful Life? Golden Retriever Puppy shows the term- It’s a Dogs life…

Think Titon is stressed? lol I walked up on my front deck and found this example of “It’s a dog’s life”.

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3 August 2011 – The Cattle Rustlers 1st Year.

Penny’s first litter celebrates their first birthday. Happy Birthday my six rustlers and one farmers daughter.

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Gotta love a golden retriever puppy who can carry off a muddy mug!

Today Fiona came gleefully running with a totally muddy muzzle. Gotta love that attitude.

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Ah, The joys of puppy hood… 12 – 16 week range

I am heading into the ‘grand adventure’ zone with my two pups. The “I Can’t HEAR you” stage, and I will scare the crap out of you stage. The scare you can involve falling asleep somewhere and not hearing you … Continue reading

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More fun photos plus…

I have been having way too much fun with this new photo program. Enjoy.

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A fun tribute to our ‘little Man’ aka Loki

Yes, I have been playing with that new photo program. Here is one for Loki. The photo of him as a little fellow is from when he was 5 months old. Enjoy.

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Visiting Grandpups Plus makes me smile…

This week is my annual visit/boarding with Trapper ( Little Rascals Litter) and Danae ( Dani). Trappers family being local came out twice a week to visit their little buddy after he chose them. His new Mommy noticed my rascally … Continue reading

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