What to tell your pet sitter prior to vacation

22 July 14 yes I am cute

What To Tell The Pet-Sitter/boarding facility

Leaving written information for your puppy/dog sitter Boarding Facility is imperative. A sitter/boarding staff can’t possibly remember every little detail you give verbally. If you have a computer, type out each time the sitter comes to the house. Here’s the basic information you should leave:

Puppy’s name – including nicknames
Feeding schedule- please mention if your puppy gulps their food, has food aggression, favorite treats
“Bathroom” Schedule
Usual exercise schedule- walks, play sessions, etc.
Favorite toys and games- if puppy/dog is toy aggressive
Any necessary medication instructions ( review administration of any medication with the sitter before you leave)
A few notes about any kind of “mischief” the puppy/dog tends to
get into and how to prevent it, such as “keep laundry
room door shut to keep puppy out”- any destructive
tenancies- such as chewing dog beds, socks, wood work
Extra safety precautions, such as “No rawhide unless you
The address where you will be, and the phone number, in case
of emergency, or an alternate number to call someone
you can trust to make emergency choices
Copies of current shot records- if boarding make sure your
puppy is up to date on Bordetella shots (Kennel cough), and Canine Influenza Shots ( this is a 2 part shot)
If your sitter comes to your home:
Names and numbers of local emergency clinics in the
area including hours of operation. In case your regular
vet office is closed. Make sure the copy of shot records
has a legible name and address for your vet.
A letter addressed “to Whom it May Concern”. Here’s what
I say in this letter: ( Pet Sitter’s name) has permission to authorize any treatment that a veterinarian deems necessary for my dog , ( dog’s name). I will bear full financial responsibility.
If appropriate, add:
My puppy is up-to-date on his vaccinations. His
Veterinarian is ( name and address included)

If your Puppy has any kind of medical condition a veterinarian should know about, put it in the letter, and date the letter
and sign it. Keep in mind that if a sitter has to take your puppy to an emegency clinic, the veterinarian on duty will need a history.
My regular veterinarian would never require such a letter, but I once heard about an emergency clinic that refused to treat an injured dog without authorization from the owner, who could not readily be reached.

This is included in my puppy kits and why It says puppy so many times. But the information is good solid and needed.

27 Jan 12 please let us out again

Arya has arrived

Your going a new puppy so quick?! Well, if you have a good breeder and you find something wrong genetically they will replace said pup. Since there was a litter on the ground when Lorelei failed her test I was promised a replacement puppy. Arya- AR Ja is this puppy. Timing was just weird for when Lorelei went home.
Well, I got to see Myrie’s papa Max! And Our girl Tori from the Critter Crew. Here are some fun photos…

25 July 15 Max mischief look

25 July 15 Max handsome

25 July 15 Max sly look

25 July 15 Max happy

25 July 15 Max howdy

25 July 15 Max mug shot

25 July 15 Max and Tori

Tori- Critter Crew:
25 July 15 Millie Tori dropping bone

25 July 15 Millie Tori

25 July 15 Tori tall and proud

25 July 15 Tori goofy

25 July 15 Tori

25 July 15 Tori CC smiles

25 July 15 Tori CC

Millie – Arya’s & Lorelie’s Mommy

25 July 15 Millie howdy

25 July 15 Millie sitting pretty

25 July 15 Millie huh

25 July 15 Millie

Introducing Arya!
25 July 15 Arya howdy

25 July 15 Arya

Some of her siblings!
25 July 15 Arya sibling 2

25 July 15 sibling dirty nose

25 July 15 sibling trio

25 July 15 sibling trio.2

25 July 15 Arya sibling

After we got home she met the whole crew- she walked up to most of them on her own. Went for a walk with “Unky” Lok, “Auntie” Freyia, and “Auntie Penny”. She is doing fantastic. Although having to rampaging babies in the house is interesting. Frankie Kitty and Arya are already best buds. They raced through the house playing it, and then wrestling. Both are currently zonked. My feet are safe for awhile.
25 July 15 Arya on her first walk

25 July 15 Arya hey

25 July 15 Freyia pond soak
We have had some visitors to the pond sadly it is drying up…
25 July 15 pond visitor

25 July 15 pond visito2

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