3 weeks Individual shots- Safari Litter

Good Evening,
Time for the 3 week individual shots
Here are the individual shots.
Remember yellow are the girls, red & Orange are the fellows.
So, you know who is who:
Yellow 1- Big Goofy Zebra
Yellow 2- Crocodile
Yellow 3- Big Goofy Giraffe
Red 1- Floppy Lion
Red 2- Hippo
Red 3- Rhino
Red 4- goofy giraffe
Orange 1- Elephant
Orange 2- Old Lion- ( this toy is on its 7th litter)
Orange 3- Marty the Zebra

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3 weeks old! Safari Litter

Good Morning!
The personalities of the puppies is starting to emerge. Yellow 2 aka Emma ( only blonde girl remember), is the first to greet me, and often scampers to me. First to help me do the linens even. Of course we played lumpy puppy… when I spread out the sheets the pups get under them, and I have to ‘remove’ the lumps. In another week they will race to play this today they didn’t panic and only tried to figured out what was going on. We are on weaning detail now. By Wednesday or Thursday they will be my full responsibility to tend to. Willow will be going through swollen teats and discomfort. Only good thing it is crisp out and she can just let the air act like an ice pack. Trying to figure out how to get her to the river to the boat dock at least to soak. Crazy week.
Ok, here we are- individual photos later today.

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We have new Digs! Safari Litter

Good Morning,
Sun is shining, trees dancing a slow dance from a breeze. Today, I set up the new area for them. I removed the whelping bed for them. It was time they were climbing out of the whelping bed. In the photos you will notice poor Willow’s nose, wellllll she thought moving everything around til she BLED was a good idea. Now, she is sporting a boo boo. Introduced the puppies to water. No really funny expressions this time. Darn it! Chuckle
Last night I let Willow out to Potty and when she came in she went to the puppies. I climbed into bed, she climbed in and out. “Willow” Lay down… then I heard the noise. Yep, puppy in bed with me. Stubborn fur ball. Insert grumpy face. Then this morning while sitting with her and the pups she tries to pick up poor no 2 Orange again not once, not twice but three times. I had to scold her. I checked her teats, she is starting to dry up and why she is trying to protect the pups by putting them in my ‘nest’. Not happy about it but, it is mother nature. For part of the day she will hang with her sisters and the rascal duo Wren and Hawk. Then tonight she will get to be a Mommy, and I have a feeling puppies will be in my bed again. This will go on for 3 days and we will be weaned. Or sooner she will make the call.
I know Ellee photos already! Chuckle… Enjoy!

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Yummy on my tummy Formula- Safari Litter

Good Morning,
Rather dreary looking morning. The dogs and puppies let me sleep in a bit this morning. Puppies are eating more and more dry food, today I added formula to encourage them to do so and to help with the early stages of weaning. I would of put the formula on earlier but good Ol’ Fedex held up my shipping in their distribution center for 24 hrs. The first puppy tried to scamper only to do a face plant. I managed not to laugh out loud. Inside I was rolling around on the floor laughing.
Oh, Charley stole the warm spot on my bed when I vacated. Crazy kitty.

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River Adventure!

Today, we went on a river adventure. Along for the fun: Penny, Myrie, Camilla, Wren, and Hawk.
I ended up getting dragged by the PUPPIES! I swear they were on sled dog tryouts. Hawk did his first water fetch today.

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Big Food Bowl Today!!! Safari Litter

Good Morning, Sun is shining and the trees are nearly naked. Fall is here… sigh, will miss the warmer weather.
Puppies got the big food bowl today. Later today or tomorrow I plan on switching out the whelping bed.

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Safari Litter- We discovered dry puppy food!

Good Morning, You read correctly, they discovered their Mommy’s food bowl. Right on schedule. Yellow 2 girl was the first. I hear her Daddy going ” That’s my girl”, since there are only three girls, and one blonde it is easy to see who is going to be her Daddy. Puppies woke up and started trilling when I did a sing song of ” Good Morning “. It makes ones heart sing when they recognize your voice for the first time.
Enjoy their antics…. the fun is just beginning……….

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