Good Morning! We are off to the vets today!

Good Morning! In preparation of puppy families coming out to meet these wee rascals aka convicts we are going in for a health check at the vets office. We will be weighed, checked out and given worming medication.
Some of you have expressed a ‘color’ in the pups my best advice is check out their ears. It is the best indication of adult color. NOT 100% fool proof but, the most accurate.
We are introducing Smokey today. His Daddy lives in North Carolina and couldn’t do his own pick out. Since He is a repeat family I picked the one I felt would work with the current dogs.
Introducing Smokey:

I hope you all enjoy my silly Crimes… Smokey got his name from the smokey hint in Whiskey and my inspiration for his ‘crime’.
Now, onto the morning photos- yes, they are wet they had canned food while I cleaned their ‘room’. I wanted an extra boost since Mommy stopped nursing earlier than I wanted.

This is the pile who climbed in my lap.

We love Grammies lap

Laps rock

ok, we fell asleep in the food bowl again.

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Good Morning Jailbreak Gang Water & Food Bowls

Good Morning,
Ah, Water and Food bowl antics. I was allowed to sleep in this morning. Since I am now running up to 9am before I can even feed the other dogs and guests I will be posting the blog after morning feedings. Sorry for this change up but, it’s not fair to the other dogs. Frankly I will feel less stressed, the feed me chorus is not fun.

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Good Morning! Jailbreak Gang 22 days

Good Morning! We have new digs, and are on solid food and water. Mommy Arya decided enough is enough and refused to nurse us despite dripping MILK everywhere. So, we are now Grammy’s responsibility to keep fed. Auntie Penny & Freyia will be our mother hens. Penny said she can’t wait to play with us.
Ok, here are our adventures from this morning. ….. oh, we have toys too.

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Crew Updates… long over due

Good Evening, I realize it has been awhile since I did a crew update.

Ok, lets start with the parents of the Jailbreak Gang.

Arya- our petite girl who learned sneaking into a run with a male friend can have consequences. She is in good spirits. Still a tad shy with people. But, she is growing in personality.

related to Myrie- half sister via father

Ozzy- We thought he was sterile, the joke was on me. Although showing his age he is still active and dispenses hugs every morning. Ozzy- related: Willow- father, Rosa- Granddaughter, Camilla- great Uncle

Ok, the rest of the gang!
Birthday girl Willow- goofy happy, full of playfulness, and a tad bit of a drama Queen! She is bunking with Ramses and plays with him every morning I swear to hear me laugh.

Related to: Ozzy- Father, Rosa- Aunt, Camilla- well, cousin somehow! lol

Ramses- ah, my fourth generation fellow! I love his joy of life, he makes me smile every morning. Easy going with just about everyone.

Related to: Penny- son, Loki- Great Nephew, Myrie- Uncle, Freyia- nephew

Penny- still the sweet, hard headed, chief greeter of the family.

related to: Loki- niece, Ramses- mother, Myrie- Grandmother, Freyia- cousin

Loki- Still gets into mischief,loves to get face rubs. He is now fully deaf, learning hand signals quickly although I am certain he fakes not ‘seeing’ my signals, not to mention taking advantage of his deafness to get away with mischief.

Related to: Penny- uncle, Freyia- father, Ramses- great Uncle, Myrie- Great Great Uncle

Freyia- Our sweet Mother Hen. Still sweet, always ready with a smile, she is slowing down.

Related- Loki- daughter, Penny- cousin, Ramses – aunt, Myrie great Aunt

Myrie- Our 5th generation girl. Super sweet, snuggly and surprisingly our new Alpha! Didn’t see that coming did you folks? I was surprised when I saw the leg lift.

Related- Penny- Granddaughter, Ramses- niece, Freyia- niece , Titon- niece

Camilla- She has recovered fully from her TPLO surgery and happily back with her ‘sister’ Myrie. It is beautiful to see those two snuggle or crossing paws. She is a happy sweet girl, who loves her hugs.

Related- Ozzy – great possibly great great niece – drawing a blank on the direct line. chuckle

Lady- our petite rascally girl. She got so obnoxious towards the other girls I was fearful they would smash her permanently. So, she is hanging with Udens right now. He is so mellow it is rubbing off on her.

Related- none

Udens- Our mushy faced boy who loves to hug. He is a beautiful mix of both parents. He makes my heart sing.

Related- Titon- son, Lotus- son, Rosa- brother

Titon- my hugging boy! Still gives me those amazing hugs in the mornings. He is semi retired.

related- Udens- father, Myrie- Uncle Rosa- father

Lotus- My chunky happy girl, who loves to make me laugh. Retired and loving the job of chief of male dog manner reminder. Sounds awkward. But, she goes from run to run and reminds the boys of proper manners.

Related- Udens- mother

Joey- My Spaz child, he is starting to calm down. Lotus is currently bunking with him. Don’t get me wrong he is a sweet goof.


Relation- none

Rosa- Sweet quiet girl. I think she is our Omega now. She sits and waits for the others to ask for attention. She is a major hugger, and snuggler.

Related- Ozzy- Granddaughter, Willow- Niece, Udens- sister.

Goliath- Our big mush aka the walking mountain. Sweet and lovable, if a tad hard headed. our resident non golden.

And our two long term rescues looking for a forever home…
Annie Sue- our hound/hound mix. Been here since 2014. She is a Treeing Walking Coonhound mixed with a Blue Tick Coonhound. All you can say about her is she is 45 pounds of awesome.

Maggie- big goofy girl. Loves to play play play. Has to be an only child. Been here since 2015. A St Bernard Lab mix.

The kitties!
Yep, have to include the feline members of the family.
Annie Oakley Kitty- turning 15 this spring. Still a sweet shy kitty who loves to mother me.

Matilda- finally getting used to having a bratty little brother. Sweet loving and a tad bi-polar but she is my girl

Charley- ah, the joys of a teenage kitty! He is sweet loving towards me. Bratty towards his ‘sisters’, and my Mother who lives next door.

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Happy Birthday Willow! 4 yrs YOUNG

Our Happy goofy snuggly girl is now 4 yrs old. A tad bit of a drama queen. Happy Birthday baby girl.


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Jailbreak Gang 3 weeks old individual photos and some snuggles

Good evening! Today, we had visiting extended family over for some puppy socialization or as the kids say ” YAHOO we can hold the puppies finally”. Gotta love it. These kids plus a bonus already have one of our goldens interesting enough the two families have litter mate sisters! We love these visits. I think the kids do too!
We also switched the pups to a full space no more whelping bed. While we were prepping the area and removing the whelping bed, the kids were with the pups! Worked out well, no pups or kids under foot.
Thanks again to C and her kids for their help, and for folding the dreaded laundry pile. L and her son for their help and those pesky cheek swabs for testing. ( Iychthosis testing)
Common Symptoms

Ichthyosis (golden retriever type) is an inherited condition of the skin affecting dogs. The age of onset and severity of disease are highly variable, however most affected dogs present before one year of age with flaky skin and dull hair. Over time the skin develops a grayish color and appears thick and scaly, especially over the abdomen. The symptoms may progress to severe scaling all over the body, may improve with age, or may come and go over the dog’s lifetime. While the prognosis is generally good for affected dogs, they are at increased risk for skin infections.

This lass snuck in a pickout behind my back. Introducing Convict Sophie – charge lap hogging

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Good Morning! 3 weeks OLD Jailbreak Gang

Good Morning! The pups are now 3 weeks old time flies. Yesterday they discovered their Mom’s canned dog food… what a riot to watch them eat it. They were a mess after, but they cleaned each other off. Mutual cleaning. Arya is really not wanting to nurse, luckily they are starting on solids so weaning should go quickly. Although this starts the stage My Mom calls ” The Pee Pee POO POO PEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” stage. Today, we will switch out the whelping bed.
Yesterday a family came out for a quick peek… She brought laundry detergent- sad I can be bribed that way. Chuckle.
Well, I warned her no bonding until next weekend. One of the pups didn’t get the memo…And pulled an Ozzy ( papa) and climbed in her lap and claimed her. She tried to remove her up she would crawl. So, Princess Sophie has chosen. You will see her bright pink collar. I warn people the pups KNOW whom they want and they can be very persistent.
At 4:30am I caved and gave them dry food so they would quiet down so I could sleep. Worked!
Enjoy this morning’s photos.

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