Happy Birthday Tricky Jesters!

Today The Tricky Jesters Celebrate their birthday Whelped/Born on 19 December 2006
Sadly this litter has been HORRIBLE about keeping in touch. Recently Kylee’s family renewed contact with me so we do have photos to share of her!
Kylee lets go March 2014Kylee tired March 2014Kylee zonked March 2014Kylee March 2014Kylee bed woes 13 June 14Kylee 13 June 14Kylee 24 Aug 14 2Kylee 19 Dec 14

The littermates were/are:

Would love to hear from you guys. Now nip your humans into gear.

Good Morning! We have Pigment! Solar Babies

Good Morning Folks. We still have our ‘den’ for Momma’s sanity. I find it a pain to watch the wee ones. If I want to visit I have to crawl in! Yesterday we caught these two pups being oh so cute…
18 Dec 14 PM kisses

18 Dec 14 PM stretch

This morning I awoke to find the pigment is really coming in as you can see from this special shot…
19 Dec 14 mug shots

I can hear everyone going awwww or even ohhhs. Go ahead I do.

Sometimes I wonder if some of you actually read my comments or fly straight to the photos. Sometimes I feel like I am ‘talking’ to myself. Ok, I am over tired and I am getting goofy.

Here we go this mornings fun photos… ( at least the rest of them)
19 Dec 14 Trio

19 Dec 14 flying ear

Good Morning!
Good Morning!

Good Morning! We are starting to show pigment…

Good Morning! We are starting to show pigment on our toes, and noses. A few of the pups have spots showing up on their wee little paws.
Yesterdays ‘fix’ to stop Flora from moving the puppies worked! She loves her ‘den’. Putting that fitted sheet over the whelping bed was the best move. Although getting to peek at the puppies means I have to poke my head through her ‘door’. Flora is eating well. Puppies are nice and plump.
I love hearing the happy grunts and squeaks of healthy happy puppies.
18 Dec 14 Flying ear puppy

18 Dec 14 snooze

18 Dec 14 two little muzzles

18 Dec 14 good morning

Good Morning! My have we grown

Technically they turned a day old at 10:45pm with the arrival of firstborn lass.
Ok, they are growing. Flora cries when I can’t the linens, until I put her babies on her teats then she is all happy. She ate half her breakfast. Went outside for Potty with minimum encouragement. Puppies are clean! I am a happy Grammy. Of course I passed out when I finally crawled into bed for a real sleep.Loki woke me with a ” Mommy time to get up ” wiggle and nose placed next to me on the bed. 17 Dec 14 Good Morning

17 Dec 14 sleeping positions

17 Dec 14 sleeping positions 2

17 Dec 14  Good morning the gang is all here

Solar Babies are here!

Looks like we are standing at 8 puppies 5 rascals and 3 lasses. All are healthy and perfect. Lauren says wiggly! Thank you to Katherine who came out and stayed til 5am to help. And Lauren for coming out and giving me a nap and delivering the last puppy.16 Dec 14 the whole gang

16 Dec 14 Katherine and puppy

16 Dec 14 Penny and part of the litter

16 Dec 14 rolly polly

16 Dec 14 snuggle pup

Solar Babies are arriving

10:45 pm our first born made an appearance. A sweet little red girl- backwards and huge. As with any delivery you never know… Momma was so scared she nipped me. Happens. 2nd puppy she was ready and no flying teeth. This litter will be known as Solar Babies since they were due on the Winter Solstice. Of course they had other ideas. 15 Dec 14 first born  girl

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