Wild Bills Side Show Rock climbing games

Good Morning! I am proud to say day two NO POOP inside! And only ONE on the ramp from the building. We are almost potty trained. Such good puppies. Now, to get them to stop spilling their food… oh, wait I haven’t been able to figure that one out yet! chuckle. This morning they all ran out to greet me and hang out by the rocks, of course Goliath came over and I had to pet him through the fence. He is on puppy duty. Something the big guy takes seriously.
Neptune is doing fantastic, he ran to me this morning, and took his medication like a champ. He even managed to nibble on me.
This morning I managed to mop the floor completely and was trying to do a second mopping when they figured out what I was up to. Not bad considering they love to hang out with me.

Later today I am going to try and release them in the yard free style. Penny and Loki will be most likely on duty for this. Photos will happen. So, if you have nothing to do around say 5:30pm and it isn’t raining come on over for the fun.

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Visitation Day Wild Bills Sideshow

Today several of the pups got to hang out with their families.
I will like to apologize for the lateness of this posting between no sleep to speak of last night due to an emergency veterinarian visit and not being able to sleep I am a zombie. Then add visitations from 11am to 5:30pm.
Your going who went to the vet. Well, that would be baby Neptune. He was coughing like nothing you want to hear. So, off to the emergency vet clinic we go. I do not mess with such things. Well, happy news I caught the pneumonia at the beginning so he is on antibiotics. The BAD thing is despite calling in I had to wait from 8:50pm to 1:40am. They had several critical cases and I had to WAIT! Now, why didn’t they suggest I go to another clinic? And they only had ONE vet on duty. I am not a happy camper believe me.
Don’t worry Neptune was back to tackling siblings this morning. I love how pups bounce back.

Ok, we had the following families visit… Hazel, Whiskey, Max, and Olivia ( shhh, the kids don’t know). I also had Wren out so I could have some quality time with her. Enjoy the photos. Oh, Whiskey asks to be called Deputy Whiskey!

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Happy Birthday Penny! 10 yrs young

Today’s everyones favorite tiny red fur ball who loves belly rubs, car rides, puppies, and everyone turns 10!
Enjoy her birthday slide shows.


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Wild Bills Side Show we have visitations! Rogue & Gambit

Seems like the comics have come to life with this litter! I love it. Today Rogue and Later Gambits family came to visit. You will note some family members were missed in the photo shoots. Well, I get photo bombed someone moves and things get blurry. It happens. I have taken great photos of someone only to realize something awkward has occurred and can not be cropped out. I took over 200 photos just during the visit and as you can see not all came out. I do not mean to miss someone it just well, it is an editing thing and those photo bombs when someone walks in front of the subject matter kills the shot.

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Wild Bills Side Show Playtime and Rocks….

Good Morning! Playtime outside is becoming the normal thing. Less indoor playing. I am happy to say our potty training is progressing beautifully. NO new Poop inside, a few on the deck but not bad. They went outside technically. Also we are having more solid poop which is a great sign. Ok, poop talk over. Chuckle. I had to wake Rouge up for outside time. When I went out a little before 7am they were outside playing already! They seem to love it.
Last night Cassie’s family came to visit…

Of course Miss Cassie was so excited to see her people. And she went potty on the sheet vs the floor! She made a big production of it too! What a ham. But, it shows how the pups are coming along with potty training. We have also started sit for attention training. Basically they sit you pet.
Ok, here are this mornings antics..

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5 weeks old! Wild Bills Side Show

Good Morning! All greeted me this morning! And I managed a shot of all the pups! Of course wrestling and digging were the theme today. Potty training is progressing, more poop in the yard than inside! I am so proud of the rascals. Enjoy!

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Playtime Wild Bills Side Show

The puppies are rascals. I had to make them come out and play this morning. My original adventurers this morning were: Gambit, Neptune, Wren, Olivia and Whiskey. Enjoy….

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