Fatty Tumors

This is an odd post coming out of nowhere I bet you are thinking. Sadly it isn’t. Yesterday I attended a party, and quickly the conversation went to dogs. NOT how I expected to be enjoying the party but it happens. I am called the Dog Lady for a reason. I was being told one of my senior pups had a fatty tumor and the vet wasn’t worried since it was not hindering her ability to walk. It hadn’t grown any since the last time I saw her, so I wasn’t worried. Next thing I know another friend said didn’t Neptune die from Fatty tumors. Next thing I know I am explaining the worst case of fatty tumors you can experience. But, some back ground first.
Neptune was a cute little fellow, the last male of the litter. When I arrived to see the litter, this little chunky fellow walked up to me and stuck out a paw and barked. Like he was saying ” about time you showed up”. Two weeks later when I came back to pick him up he did the same thing! Time flashes forward to 11 weeks of age, and he isn’t acting normal. Vomiting and shaking. I take him to the vet. No not Parvo. In desperation the vet did exploratory surgery. Turns out it was Crono Virus- Parvo’s evil cousin. The surgery saved his life. Apparently the virus can not survive oxygen! Go figure. Neptune almost died that week. He was my lucky little fellow. At 1 yr we did his preliminary hip exam, and he had Hip Displaysia. Back then it was a unknown, even my computer search at the library yield no information. I was told he had 5 yrs tops before the pain was so bad I would have to say good bye. The vet said let him live normally, no jumping up is the only precaution I was given.
We still laugh at that early assessment of five years… Neptune almost made it to 13!
Being a responsible Mommy he got Neutered and became Uncle to the world. Not a bad job if you ask me.
Time flash, my boyfriend at the time notice a rather large lump under his penis- his first fatty tumor. It came up fast. Little did we realize this was the beginning. Since it was causing him to urinate sideways we had it removed. As things happen. Peeing sideways caused him to well, urinate on his own incision and he got a horrible infection despite my diligent cleaning. He almost died from the infection. Again he is my lucky boy.

Time flash again… I notice all sorts of lumps and bumps by now he is 10 yrs old. We decide he didn’t need to go through another surgery to remove the three we had found. He was still his happy go lucky self. Little did we realize this was the tip of the ice berg. Apparently, he was growing them inside as well. Not a common thing but it happens. End result they actually squeezed the life out of his organs. I had to say good bye to my sweet loveable lug. I do not regret my choice not to put him through a 3rd surgery in his lifetime. He lived a good life, going to the river, visiting friends, going to the bay and swimming in real waves. He even loved going to the Scottish games. Neptune lived to help people. That weekend he help two people in need. His instinct to help was strong. I was just on the other end of the leash.

If I had listened to those who told me to put him down due to his hips… all the lives he was there for wouldn’t of been touched. He wouldn’t of help heal people, dogs, and even scared kittens.
His life may of been a roller coaster ride. But, those calm parts……. priceless. Overall he was a healthy happy dog. I cherish those adventures, the snuggles, and his morning dance.

Not all fatty tumors will do this, but I do advise to get them checked out. There is also encapsulated cysts. But, that is another topic.
In loving Memory of our beloved big lug. Neptune.
10 Jan 10 Neptune sigh

Fans of Penny, Loki, and Goliath something special…

I have been asked if I could do a calendar of Penny, Loki and Goliath… well, I can and did.


For our Penny use the above link!
17 Oct 14  Penny running

For our Loki use the Link below:


20 Sept 14 Loki I got this toy

For Goliath aka Gman:


21 Oct 14 Goliath

Some Morning fun with the puppies!

I know your going where is Willow when you look at the photos. She was at the vets office getting her hips checked out. The xrays looked good, so now we wait.
I know you curious how the pups are doing….

Lorelei- my goodness is she growing. She can now put her paws on the top part of the park bench. She continues to fetch, and return items to me. I am so proud of how sweet she is. Today we didn’t want to listen to Mommy. Not surprising she missed Penny and wanted to hang with her.

21 Oct 14 Lorelei got ball wanna play

21 Oct 14 Lorelei got the toy

21 Oct 14 Lorelie

21 Oct 14 Lorelei

Joey- He weighed in at 39.2 pounds on Thursday. He is growing beautifully physically and mentally. I am so proud of our boy. He is such a sweet silly fellow.
21 Oct 14 Ramses and Joey

21 Oct 14 Joey pausing

21 Oct 14 Freyia and Joey

21 Oct 14 joey intent

Ramses- he weighed in 38.6 pounds on Thursday. He is still fetching like a wild pup. Turning into a very handsome fellow.

21 Oct 14 Goliath gonna get you Ramses

21 Oct 14 ramses  full out

21 Oct 14 Ramses

21 Oct 14 Goliath and Ramses

Of course Goliath loved playing with the pups. 21 Oct 14 Goliath

Freyia was even kicking up her heels…
21 Oct 14 Frreyia

21 Oct 14 flying ears Freyia

Flora Had an adventure and a date!

Over the weekend Flora and I headed to the Smokey Mountains and Tennessee. She was to have a date with Max Lorelei’s Daddy. If all goes well we will have puppies on the 21st of December or close to it. Here are some fun shots of the parents to be……….
18 Oct 14 Flora and Max

18 Oct 14 Flora Max playtime

18 Oct 14 Flora

18 Oct 14 Max dancing

18 Oct 14 Max happy boy

18 Oct 14 Max mug shot

18 Oct 14 Max side mug shot

18 Oct 14 Max side view

18 Oct 14 Max sit up and notice me

And if you want to peek at the Warrior Path Lakes………..
18 Oct 14 cliff reflections

18 Oct 14 cliffside

18 Oct 14 colors and walls

18 Oct 14 Herons in flight

18 Oct 14 Herons in flight 2

18 Oct 14 Herons in flight 3

18 Oct 14 Herons in flight 4

18 Oct 14 Herons in flight 5

18 Oct 14 Herons in flight 6

18 Oct 14 Herons in flight 7

18 Oct 14 lake reflections 2

18 Oct 14 lake reflections 3

18 Oct 14 lake reflections 4

18 Oct 14 lake reflections

18 Oct 14 loon

Vet appointment for the boys… PLUS…

This appointment has been rescheduled moved so many times 3 weeks passed. The boys got a clean bill of health. Of course they were full of energy and stubbornness.
Joey is finally at the weight he should be! He weighed in at 39.2 pounds
10 Oct 14 Joey full out

Ramses weighed in at 38.6 pounds
10 Oct 14 Ramses

I predict our boy Joey is going to be around 80-85 pounds at adult hood, and Ramses will be around 70-75 pounds. In a year we shall see If I was correct.

Now for the “PLUS” – Flora ( Penny’s daughter and Gingersnap girl) is in heat. She has a date this weekend. If all goes well we will have puppies around 20 December. 29 Aug 14 Pretty Flora

The Wonderful World of Golden Retrievers