Good Morning! We are sporting new collars! Wild Bills Sideshow

Good morning folks! The pups would sleep through the night if MOMMY wouldn’t wake them up.. therefore waking up Grammy. Of course Camilla discovered we have mud so now I am fighting to keep the linens clean- muddy paws does not equal clean linens. Thank goodness for bleach. We are starting to wobble around precursor to walking. I call this weebles wobbles we will fall down stage.

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8 days old! Wild Bills Sideshow

Good Morning! They almost let me sleep through the night. MOM however needed out twice- once, she changed her mind it was pouring out. Camilla is spending less and less time in the whelping bed. Yesterday, she got to hang with her buds some, and teased a few others. Normalcy is a good thing.

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We are a WEEK old Wild Bills Sideshow

Hard to believe a week ago today these wee ones made an appearance. All are doing fantastic. They actually let me sleep most of the night.

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Wild Bills Side Show litter 6 days old

Hard to believe six days already. We have hit the we are going to vocalize all night long stage. This equals ‘grammy’ to being a zombie all day. You can’t sleep through it believe me.
Camilla is now partaking in formula ‘smoothies’ to help with milk production these wee rascals are voracious. She seems to really enjoy them. Along with the vocalization of the puppies Camilla is wanting more freedom. Which means she had me up 3 times last night wanting to run around the yard to ‘pee’. Can’t say I blame her staring at the same walls and hearing their vocalization would drive me batty. Wait it already does – the vocalizations that is.

Some of you have asked about color of pups. My advice is wait and see. The pups are too young yet to estimate adult color. See you go by their ears and right now at the jellybean stage you can’t get a color read. In two weeks we shall start being able to estimate adult color. Why estimate? Well, some pups flip the switch from puppyhood color to a totally different one once adulthood comes along. I have seen blondes go red, and reds go blonde. So, I can’t guarantee color… but, I can try to give you an idea. Perfect example of color change is Loki’s father Mercury.

Mercury- taken 2 weeks prior to being stolen from my front yard

As you can see from his 7 week photo to his 3 yr old self he changed his ‘stripes’ so to speak.

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River Adventure… different doesn’t cut it!

All the years of doing a river adventure today was very different. First off parking was a pain people are parking horizontally in the spots taking up to three spaces instead of vertically. We surprisingly found space for our three vehicles. Trash was abundant at makeshift fire pits- one was even IN THE CANAL!
Myrie was so excited she lunged forward and sent her BFF “M” flying and well she ” M ” got hurt. Myrie is really sorry for this and has sent apologies. We finally get to our spot only to find a man camping there. So we moved down stream a bit. Turns out the newer tubing company sent alot of kids out on tubes and well some fell off the tubes. A helicopter was called in and numerous water rescue groups. Most from our volunteer fire companies. I saw: Boonsboro, Dargan, and Loudon County present. Even the local news showed up. ( that surprised me ). Well, we tried to enjoy our trip but poor ” M ” hurt to much so they left. ( and somehow snagged a ride in an emergency vehicle ). But, when the helicopter arrived the vibrations just made the dogs mindless. So, we had to leave. Even the GEESE were trying to leave the area. When we left we were behind a River & Trail Outfitters truck with a trailer of tubes- which flew out into the road. I barely missed hitting two.

Those who tried for this first adventure of the season… Jax & Lucy, Amber came along. Jax- Little Sapling Gang, Lucy- Little Duckling Gang and our special Gal Amber ( a family companion dog – a dog with service dog training)- L & O Construction. My crew: Penny, Loki, Myrie and Willow.

Please enjoy the few photos I managed.

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Siblings Reunite…. pondtime

We love visiting family. We have Kenobi & Rosco visiting for a couple of weeks. Also Jax & Lucy brought their kids over for the night so I could get some sleep… yep, someone slept in the whelping room so I could SLEEP! Thank you C!!!! This morning siblings got to go on a morning walk to the pond.
Reunited siblings Ramses & Lucy- Little Duckling Gang. Then we had Jax & Rosco from Little Sapling gang got to rumble. Kenobi from the Wild Bunch got to hang out with his half siblings,and his Momma Penny.
I got some fun shots I hope you enjoy them.
( for the new families… Jax & Rosco are half brothers to the litter Joey is their father)

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Wild Bills Sideshow We have Collars

Good Morning folks. The pups are now sporting collars. Yellow girls, two white are spoken for specifically, and blue boys.

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