15 April 15 Easter Gang is Now 14!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, this litter kept me jumping as puppies. We have lost a few over the years. Only one pup from this litters fate is unknown to me. Angel. After she turned 12 weeks old silence…….. Happily all the others kept in touch. Sarah Belle was the only blonde puppy out of the litter. Her Daddy wanted a red but was happy to be chosen. I am sitting here chuckling, see Sarah Belle went RED! I often tease her Daddy of wishing so hard for a red puppy that she changed colors to make him happy. She has two ‘sisters’, both born here. She loves them dearly. Here are to many more happy birthdays to come baby girl. See you at the reunion!!!
Cosmos aka Cosmo went to the bridge a few months ago. He had a full life full of adventures. Well loved by his family. His legacy memories and a partially trained Mastiff named Rocco. Rocco has some pretty big pawprints to fill.

Here are some memories…
Cosmo Bridge Day 11 Feb 15

Crew Updates and a fun video!

Good morning! As I couldn’t sleep last night, my mind rolling I realized we haven’t had a crew update in awhile. So here goes……

Loki: our resident elder! At almost 12 he is still full of mischief. On the first real spring day I had the doors and windows open to air out the house and Loki promptly stole a shoe! YEP, he is at it again. It was on his ‘pillow’ out on the boardwalk. Goofy boy. Still loving his roll as “Grumpy Uncle”. Don’t let that title fool you, he races me to the puppies in the morning. He adores the rascals.
5 April 15 Loki

Freyia: Loki’s daughter and our second eldest. She is finally acting more normal. I think the worst of the grieving process is done over the loss of Kyrie her bondmate. She is playing, dancing, and pulling on Penny’s tail again!

1 April 15 2 Freyia dancing

Osiris- aka Ozzy Our third eldest just turned 8 this week. I still remember the day I met him all those years ago he was just three weeks old, I was only visiting his litter since I wanted a red girl. Funny how things work out. He is a total joy. Even if he is the mud king.
5 April 15 Ozzy no more ears

Penelope- hard to believe our spunky girl who is the master greeter of all who visit will be turning 8 this year. She loves her roll of Auntie and Grandma. Her OCD for hunting water skimmers is in full effect.

12 March 15 Penny water search

Next up is Lotus: Early retirement seems to suit her. She has recovered from her emergency spay fully. Her teats may never fully tuck up but she wears it well. Her spirits are good and she is playful as ever. Several asked if I would rehome her. I considered it but, her heart would break. Everyone who has taken time to get to know her know what I mean. She is slow to show affection, and she is really attached to me. So, her job is to keep Titon in line! A job she is very good at.
22 jan 15 Lotus

Ah, our hugging fool. Loves having Lotus as a room mate. He is full of energy and she is a good balance for him. He is very attentive to his son Udens when he comes around, funny he never barks at him.

10 Jan 15 titon

Yikes, I need a spring shot of Titon!

Mad at me since she is on lockdown until the new fence is up. She has escaped every run I have put her in. Otherwise she is doing fantastic. Don’t worry during morning feedings she is given 20 mins of freeplay with the other dogs and she takes it to the limits running like a fool!
13 Dec 14 Flora got the ball
yikes another I need a newer photo of!

Our resident non Golden Retriever. For the new fans.. he is a Great Pyrenees. He came in his Momma’s belly as a foster and kept me. He was adopted by the goldens and he adores the puppies.
5 April 15 Goliath

Willow: Our Harbour Seal- ok, there is a joke to that. She barks like one. She should be going into heat soon so we may have puppies in the near future. She has been fantastic with the little puppies. Very patient with them, even loving.

1 April 15 Willow

Lorelei- Just turned 11 months old! Boy, does time fly. She still has growl first make friends later attitude. But, she is excepting the puppies finally. I have delayed putting them in with the girls until the new fence is up, and because of Lorelei. Otherwise, she is a fantastic girl, sweet, playful, and always making funny sounds with a toy in her mouth!
5 April 15 Lorelei

Jotun- Joey
Sadly he has some issues with food so he no longer bunks with his best friend Ramses. Although he keeps breaking into Ramses run to play with him. I have no issue with that. He has taken to walking in between my legs which is interesting because he almost tips me over. Other than the food issue he has turned out to be a great fellow. Turning 11 months old in a couple of weeks.
1 Feb 15 pm Joey ready to play
He doesn’t hold still for photos! Chuckle

Ramses- still no nickname. He is the sweetest fellow, loves his new ‘siblings’. Although he has inherited the scale the fence gene! Yep, he can leap over a 5 foot fence without a second thought. He is in the one run with an 8-12 foot fence! The only time he does this is to play with the girls and the puppies. Gotta love that gene!
5 April 15 Ramses happy boy

Myrnia- Myrie: Our fifth generation girl. Sweet loving, smart, a tad stubborn ( Penny IS her GRANDMOTHER!). Knows most of the commands we use around here. Fetching already! Did I mention playful?

1 April 15 Myrie on the movie

Camilla- Cammie- ah, our little nip nip girl. She has gotten better with me and a few other people. Pony tails are still fair game! She has learned most of the commands here and she is one of the first to race into their quarters when it is time to eat. Fetching, and loves water.
5 April 15 Camilla sitting

And the baby…

Udens: Little OOooooO, Sweet, smart, cuddles and kisses are his thing. Starting to fetch. He loves to visit with the ‘guys’ and sometimes doesn’t come when I call the first 3 times, but he does come.

5 April 15 Udens handsome

wait… the kitties…
All three are doing well and love their doggies!
Annie Oakley Our senior!
4 April 15 Annie O bunny ears
Matilda- master hunter
4 April 15 Matilda Bunny ears
And the baby: Wild Bill Hickock Kitty- Billy who loves his doggies!
Billy 20 March 15

Morning Antics and some fun with Bunny ears!

Everyone was full of well Spring! Ramses jumped a fence…. yep, he is his mothers son! I am dealing with little puppies and TEENAGE puppies. Ramses is full of energy, Joey well loves to run through your legs which makes walking rather interesting. Ozzy is enjoying mudding… you will understand when you see his photos. Joey wouldn’t stay still for a good photo of him alone. Have to love this age range. 5 April 15 Ramses Willow Udens

4 April 15 Loki Bunny ears

4 April 15 Loki Bunny ears who me

4 April 15 Annie O bunny ears

4 April 15 Matilda Bunny ears

4 April 15 Penny and Billy Bunny ears

4 April 15 Penny and Billy Bunny ears 2

4 April 15 Penny bunny ears

4 April 15 Penny bunny ears really

5 April 15 Loki bunny ears

5 April 15 Ozzy no more ears

5 April 15 Flora teasing Ozzy

5 April 15 Flora Ozzy

5 April 15 Goliath

5 April 15 Ramses stream walk

5 April 15 Ramses Joey

5 April 15 Joey

5 April 15 spring blush

5 April 15 Udens Lorelei Ramses

5 April 15 Ramses happy boy

5 April 15  Udens ears a flying

5 April 15 Myrie full out

5 April 15 Lorelei and Ramses 2

5 April 15 Lorelei and Ramses

5 April 15 Lorelei Ramses

5 April 15 Ramses goofy mode

5 April 15 Udens handsome

5 April 15 Camilla sitting

5 April 15 Freyia Udens

5 April 15 Loki

5 April 15 Freyia bunny ears.

5 April 15 Ramses got the bottle

5 April 15 Camilla Penny

5 April 15 Camilla Penny 2

5 April 15 Camilla Penny 3

5 April 15 Camilla raspberries

5 April 15 Udens

5 April 15 Udens 2

5 April 15 Ramses Lorelei Freyia

5 April 15 Camilla and Loki

5 April 15 UNKY Loki I wuv YOU Camilla style

5 April 15 Ramses Willow Udens

5 April 15 Udens coming MOMMY

5 April 15 Udens coming MOMMY 2

5 April 15 Willow Ramses being a brat

5 April 15 Willow Ramses being a brat 2

5 April 15 Lorelei

The Wonderful World of Golden Retrievers