Happy Belated Birthday wishes to the DOC’s Follies Litter!

Happy Birthday kids. Hard to believe you are 4 this year. 21 April 2010- and counting!
Lacy DF 13 Feb 14 http://youtu.be/pxAN6Kkvsvo

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Happy Birthday Doc’s Follies!!

I am currently away from my home computer and will not be able to post the birthday slide show. You have not been forgotten. My Mother had to have eye surgery over an hour drive away and I am currently her chauffer will do the announcement tomorrow, love you guys. 2013-12-14 Brody SammyGS

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Happy Birthday! Easter Gang 13 yrs young

This is a happy Sad celebration so many of this litter have gone to the bridge, and one I haven’t heard from since she went home.
I know you are wondering what has happened to this litter to lose so many, let me break it down. Ginger – ex husband had temp custody of her and kept her in a laundry room with the door shut, his mistress kept the dryer running constantly- Ginger passed of WHITE LUNG! Maia- my sweet loving Maia who spent so much time visiting here over the years – Fatty tumors invaded her organs. Cosmo I am happy to say is still happy and being adored by his family. Joey- sadly I only know he passed July 2012. Angel- haven’t heard from her family since she was a puppy. Joy- once again fatty tumors strike and we lost her. Lucy- a hero in her own right- died in those horrible row house fires in Philadelphia. Sarah Belle- still the Queen of the house goes for regular swims in her own Lake and adored by her ‘sisters’. Mercury Junior- sigh, his was Spleen Failure.
Now keep in mind this was a litter MOST of the families kept in touch with me and the reason why I know how the litter is doing and those who passed.
I value each puppy who passes through here, and try to keep in touch.
Looking forward to more wonderful photos of those remaining in this litter and more stories. Love you guys.

Sarah Belle 3 feb 14

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Happy Birthday Titon- Wow, Three Years old!

Our boy Titon turned 3 today. My jump up wrap arms around Mommy’s waist and squeeze boy! Yep, He actually HUGS! Hard to believe he turns three today, I still remember the long legged goof ball that arrived in the back seat of a car ( transport) from Georgia. He has a new collar sitting on my desk, special treats and the birthday song facing him in a bit.

8 April 14 Titon

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Happy Birthday SWEET Osiris aka Ozzy!

Hard to believe my boy is turning 7!! I still remember a chunky little blonde ball of fluff walking up to me and climbing in my lap. Still the sweetest of boys, and gives his MOMMY ( me ) a hug and a kiss most mornings ( he is a boy after all). Love you My Ozzles.

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Spring is in the AIR!! Happy Golden Retrievers.

We started the morning walks again today, I sadly only managed 2. Dang, those winter muscles. Today it was Lotus with Ozzy, and later Titon. Your wondering why separate walks I bet. See, When Titon got his big boy stripes he felt he could push Ozzy around. To prevent any fights NO interaction between the two. They still bark growl and race each other up the fence. Otherwise all are happy campers.
Ok, back to the fun. Remember if you click on the image and view as a slide show you are able to see the titles of the images, and the names of the cast of characters. Enjoy! 8 April 14 Titon do I have something on my face

8 April 14 Titon coming MOMMY

8 April 14 Titon

8 April 14 wild rose leaves and water drops

8 April 14 Ozzy full out

8 April 14 Lotus water fetch

8 April 14 Lotus waters edge

8 April 14 ozzy water fetch

8 April 14 Ozzy water soak

8 April 14 spider web water drops

8 April 14 forsythia buds water drops

8 April 14 heleborus water drops

8 April 14 Billy MY PENNY

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Yep, today we had a fun visit from Bailey- Stormin’ Gobbler, Kenda- El’s Bells, and Bella- Ms Z’s Revenge Litter. I hadn’t seen them in awhile so it was an extra special treat. See last year Bailey was diagnosed with Bone Cancer. This form is usually caused by early Neuter as was the case with Bailey. July 3rd his leg was removed to save his life. Today was his first BIG outing. He had a blast. I have only one thing to say ” Tripods ROCK”.
Along for the hike in the woods: Loki, Freyia, Penny, Willow, Flora, and Goliath.
5 April 14 Kenda proud pup

5 April 14 Bella

5 April 14 Bella huh

5 April 14 Kenda raspberries

5 April 14 Kenda I got toy

5 April 14 Penny that is MY toy Kenda says

5 April 14 Danielle

5 April 14 Bailey swimming

5 April 14 Bailey swimming and drinking

5 April 14 Kenda throw the toy please

5 April 14 Kenda water fetch

5 April 14 Kenda water fetch 2

5 April 14 Kenda Bella water fetch

5 April 14 Bailey Look MOM I am in the water

5 April 14 Danielle Bailey and Goliath

5 April 14 Penny and Ashley love

5 April 14 willow

5 April 14 Willow being pretty

5 April 14 Freyia coming

5 April 14 Ashley Goliath

5 April 14 Willow and Flora

5 April 14 Flora 2

5 April 14 Danielle Freyia

5 April 14 Willow and Danielle

5 April 14 Danielle and Flora

5 April 14 Bella whatcha doing Goliah Asks

5 April 14 Danielle I love you Penny

5 April 14 Willow Loki Flora

5 April 14Ashley Willow Kenda

5 April 14 Flora Ashley hug

5 April 14 Mini waterfall

5 April 14 great shot Danielle Loki Flora Penny Ashley

5 April 14 Danielle Ashley Loki Flora Penny

5 April 14 Danielle Loki Willow

5 April 14 Hanging with Danielle and Ashley

5 April 14 Danielle and friends

5 April 14 Bailey tall and proud

5 April 14 Goofy dog alert  Ashley Danielle

5 April 14 Goliath pausing

5 April 14 Ashley Danielle Bella

5 April 14  Bailey SG

5 April 14 Penny

5 April 14 Kenda Bailey

5 April 14 Bailey I love this

5 April 14 water hole meeting

5 April 14 Loki pausing

5 April 14 Bailey yipee

5 April 14 Bailey raspberries

5 April 14 Freyia full out

5 April 14 Kenda I got stick

5 April 14 Loki

5 April 14 Kenda mug shot

5 April 14 Goliath standing

5 April 14 Loki happy pup

5 April 14 Penny Goliath

5 April 14 Goliath water inspection

5 April 14 Kenda resting

5 April 14 Goliath

5 April 14 Kenda and Flora splash

5 April 14 Flora

5 April 14 Flora Freyia

5 April 14 Bouncing Bella

5 April 14 Penny and Ashley

5 April 14 Willow Goliath Kenda Flora

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Coopers Adventures Continue!

Everyone loves it when family visits. Today he got to romp and play with sister/ Litter mate Willow, Flora, Freyia and Loki. He had such a blast he wore himself OUT! 3 April 14 Wilow Cooper

3 April 14 cooper coming

3 April 14 cooper full out

3 April 14 Cooper wrestling with Willow

3 April 14 Flora and Cooper keep away

3 April 14 Flora Cooper keep away

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We Love visiting family- Cooper!

Cooper is Willow’s brother/litter mate for those new to the blog. He comes and hangs out from time to time. His Mom is on vacation so he gets to be a dog- MUD, WRESTLING, and SWIMMING are the orders for the day. He loves to play with pal Goliath. With all the rain we have some flooding, which meant more fun for our boy. Titon was sending messages of ” Hey, my room is flooded somewhat”. 31 March 14 Cooper full out

31 March 14 Cooper lets play goliath

31 March 14 Cooper whatcha doing Goliath asks

31 March 14 Cooper

31 March 14 end of the rainbow cooper goliath

31 March 14 face fighting cooper goliath

31 March 14 gonna get ya Goliath Cooper

31 March 14 Gonna pounce goliath cooper

31 March 14 Titon my room is flooded

31 March 14 wrestling goliath cooper

31 March 14 wrestling snafu goliath cooper

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March is closing but… We have photos!

I love sharing the photos I have been sent over the month- some surprises even. Three pups I had not heard from in awhile had their families send me some wonderful photos! Knightley, Tater, and Kylee. Here we go. March 2014 photos shared.
Macy 23 March 14

Casey 17 March 14

Lassie 17 March 14

Kaylee ready for a walk March 2014

Kaylee March 2014

Bailey JW 12 March 14

time for a walk Bailey JW 12 March 14

Belle 19 March 14

georgie fc 5 march 14

Tater my sofa March 2013

Tater March 2014

Bracken Meeko March 2014

Kylee lets go March 2014

Kylee tired March 2014

Kylee zonked March 2014

Kylee March 2014

Leo JW 31 March 14

Knightly 27 March 14

Bella PoG 21 March 14

Molly LR 17 March 14

Hunter 17 March 14

12 March 14 Bailey JW

Timmy 6 March 14

Beau 16 March 14

Tater Dec 2013

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