Family time….

Lassie from the Wild Bunch Litter has been spending a couple of days with us while we are having her Offa Hips and heart testing done. Last night and this morning she got to play with Willow, Freyia, Lorelei, Ramses, Joey, Penny, Loki and Uncle Goliath. Everyone had a blast. Seems like Lassie adores her little brother Ramses. Oh, on the happy side Lassie passed her heart certifications.
First off I am going to share a photo of Andi our resident non adoptable rescue. This was my morning greeting. Translation ” READY TO PLAY”. We managed a 20 min session this morning before her tummy woke up. I had to share.
17 Sept 14 Andi ready to play

Now off to the photos of the pups having fun.
17 Sept 14 Joey

17 Sept 14 Joey on the move

17 Sept 14 Lorelei Ramses crossing sign

17 Sept 14 Ramses gonna kiss you sis Lassie

17 Sept 14 Ramses and big sis Lassie

17 Sept 14 Lassie and Ramses

17 Sept 14 Lassie and Ramses playing

17 Sept 14 Lassie playing with Ramses

17 Sept 14 Goliath yipppepee

17 Sept 14 Freyia

17 Sept 14 Lorelei raspberries

17 Sept 14 Ramses

17 Sept 14 Ramses YIKES Lassie is after me

17 Sept 14 Ramses my Quince Fruit

17 Sept 14  Ramses got the Quince fruit

17 Sept 14 Ramses and Lassie

17 Sept 14 Ramses and Lassie play

17 Sept 14 Willow Lorelei Ramses and Lassie

17 Sept 14 Goliath Lassie Lorelei Ramses Joey

17 Sept 14 Lorelei Ramses Joey

17 Sept 14 Lassie WBL

17 Sept 14 Mushrooms

After our walk Mother and Daughter shared a dog bed……..
17 Sept 14 Lassie and Penny

River Adventure

Today was fun for all who came. It was practically all seniors in attendance. Give or take a few months… and all will officially be seniors. People who get rid of their senior dogs miss out on so much joy. Seeing Loki having a blast despite his limp and age. Those in attendance were: Loki ( 11 yrs young), Junebug ( nearly 7- Ms Z’s Revemge), Anna ( former rescue- nearly 7), Ozzy ( 7 yrs), Penny ( 7 yrs) and Redgie ( nearly 7 yrs- Caviliar Charles).
Enjoy!16 sept 14 Anna and Ozzy

16 sept 14 Anna got it

16 sept 14 Anna happy

16 sept 14 Anna Loki

16 sept 14 Anna red toy

16 sept 14 Anna Redgie fetching duo

16 sept 14 Anna Redgie Loki Penny

16 sept 14 Anna seahorse

16 sept 14 Anna standing tall and proud

16 sept 14 Junebug

16 sept 14 Junebug happy girl

16 sept 14 Junebug I got my feet wet

16 sept 14 Junebug peek a boo

16 sept 14 Loki and Anna

16 sept 14 Loki got the seahorse

16 sept 14 Loki got this

16 sept 14 Loki happy boy

16 sept 14 Loki I got the frisbee

16 sept 14 Loki pausing on the shore

16 sept 14 Loki pausing

16 sept 14 Loki Penny fetching duo

16 sept 14 Loki pink bumper

16 sept 14 Loki swimming

16 sept 14 Ozzy huh

16 sept 14 Ozzy peek a boo

16 sept 14 Ozzy resting

16 sept 14 Ozzy smiles

16 sept 14 ozzy swimming

16 sept 14 Ozzy

16 sept 14 Penny and Anna

16 sept 14 Penny pausing

16 sept 14 Penny red toy

16 sept 14 penny yellow toy

16 sept 14 redgie and anna

16 sept 14 Redgie did you say something

16 sept 14 redgie fetching fool

16 sept 14 Redgie give me the shark Anna

16 sept 14 Redgie got the blue frisbee

16 sept 14 Redgie huh

16 sept 14 Redgie I got the bumper

16 sept 14 Redgie I got this

16 sept 14 Redgie I got this big ol seahorse

16 sept 14 Redgie red toy

16 sept 14 Redgie yellow toy

Time for PuPPy Updates!

Funny I started this update only to be interrupted with Ozzy strolling into my office. Apparently he and Flora both pulled a Houdini. Will know more in the morning. My clues are rich black soil and wild rose thorns. Believe it or not, It gives me the location of said escape. There is a 20 ft section of fence that has wild roses growing along it. I can almost guarantee it was Flora who started the digging out. Ok, back to the updates.

Lorelei: This girl is a fetching fool. She unlike ” Uncle ” Loki will give me the ball. She even comes running up with toys and asks that I toss them for her. I no longer have to bend to touch her when she puts her sweet muzzle up for petting. Before long it will be the top of her head. Her coloring is coming in as a deep mahogany in color.
6 sept 14 Lorelei huh

Joey aka Jotun: This fellow is all over the map on his skills. I am used to pups ( especially Goldens) to hit milestones on a set schedule. He still barks first then makes friends. Not interested in toys YET. Finally getting his paws wet. Although he knows if he climbs on the park bench he can have any lap available to himself. He managed to stretch and claim three the other day at once. A skill I would expect in a few weeks. He hasn’t learned he can tackle Lorelei yet, but he has with Ramses. This fellow is going to keep me hopping.
6 sept 14 Joey huh

Ramses: he is only about 1 inch shorter than Lorelei and now tackling her on a regular basis. Newest game is I don’t want to go back in my room now, catch me if you can. It doesn’t help the run they are in has a gate that opens in an awkward direction. Loves his morning swims still.

6 sept 14 yipppeeee Ramses

More adventures to come I am sure. Considering they have the first escape as a group under their furry little belts. Joey has four escapes under his. Life is going to be interesting when they hit teenager hood. (9-18 months)

Bark Bark Bark Bark….. Wonder who is running around teasing the other dogs…

Yawn, What are the dogs barking about this time. Sounds like someone is teasing the other dogs by running past their rooms gleefully. Not Loki his nose is on the side of my bed getting his morning loving. Penny is sleeping in the hallway upside down. So, I open front door in flies Miss Willow! “Morning baby girl”, bounce bounce bounce. “Settle down your in the house”. Plop down goes her butt.
I then proceed to get my doggie clothing on,meanwhile Willow is rolling gleefully on my bed looking cute as all get out. I ask her if she is ” Mommy’s puppy” and she rolls over and wiggles. Goofy girl.
Out the door we go, with me asking those famous words ” show me where you got out”. Now, don’t laugh they will show me. It is in their nature to be oh so helpful. I look towards her room, I see Freyia, Lorelei, and Ramses sitting so patiently. ” Where is Joey?”. Lotus is happily wagging her tail looking out the fence… there is Joey. Last time Willow tunneled out of her room she took Joey with her. Sigh, just what we need another tunneler. He runs up to me oh so wiggly giggly ( no other description) excited and I have to ‘scold’ him ” why are you out?”
The escape route you ask? Apparently when the fence was redone they moved the gate 2 feet away from the original spot away from the security concrete strip under it. I go and find a semi flat rock and plop it in the hole under the gate. Make sure the gate closes. Call over the two misfits and close the gate. The morning is still young, have to finish the fence repair from Ozzy’s escape ( fence mangled) last week, yesterdays storm stopped progress. Oh, the joys of intelligent dogs.
6 sept 14 Joey happy boy
6 sept 14 Willow happy girl

Puppy Updates!

I know some of you are curious as how the stooges are doing. Yep, I called them the stooges. Most mornings they have me in stitches at their antics. We went to the vets office for shots. Lorelei is now 37.8 pounds, Jotun aka Joey is now 22.4 pounds and our solidly built Ramses was 28.4 pounds!

Lorelei: Continues to love her romps in the mornings and swim sessions. She has become really good about coming when called. Sitting for attention, and being patient.
11 Aug 14 Lorelei attitude

Jotun/Joey: Finally learned the morning routine, and I haven’t had to go looking for his missing furry tail in 3 days. He is now engaging in play, and tackling Goliath MUCH to Gman’s joy. He even tackled Willow’s tail, the expression on her face was classic!
29 Aug 14 Joey whats up

Ramses: My solid little Man. He is an amazing pup. Goes up to ‘Grandma” and sits for attention. He comes when called, loves his morning romps and swim sessions. This morning he actually managed to tackle and roll Lorelei this morning. I actually cheered! I kept telling her he will give paybacks to all those times she did it to him.

They were of course a hit at the vets office this morning. And on the way home we had to stop by our Bank. The staff are big time fans. Each snuck out for some puppy kisses and love. That is an old fashioned small time bank for you. I even got to hold a 7 week old Pyr puppy- a wee lass today at the vets office. Ah, I remember when I could snuggle Gman……… I still can but can’t hold him up in the air anymore.

August Wrap Ups!

Hard to believe it is September already!
Sadly the month ended with the passing of Lilly of the Fathers Day Litter. She was very well loved by her family and extended family. I have no information as to the cause.. hoping only ‘old age’ although 12 is not old in my book! Good Bye Sweet girl.
Lilly FDG 3 June 14

Lilly FDG  March 2013

Lilly FDG Aug 14

No onto the photos sent to me during the month of August…..
Lilly FDG Aug 14

Jorgie 31 Aug 14

Bailey 31 Aug 14

Sarah Belle 31 Aug 14

Jorgie Sarah Belle and Bailey 31 Aug 14

Magnolia  30 Aug 14

Colleen LR 28 Aug 14

Remington 28 Aug 14

Austin 27 Aug 14

Dixie 27 Aug 14

Spunky Colby 26 Aug 14

Red helmet Tyson 26 Aug 14

Casey 26 Aug 14

Maverick 26 Aug 14

Anna Banana and Redgie 25 Aug 14

Kylee 24 Aug 14 2

Kylee 24 Aug 14

Sasha 24 Aug 14

Colleen LR plus 24 Aug 14

Loki Jr 20 Aug 14

Marlin Beach pup !6 Aug 14

Athena 16 Aug 14

Georgie FC 15 Aug 14

Blossom Lake Avalon 15 Aug 14

Lilly LDG road trip 21 Aug 14

Lilly LDG sunglasses 21 Aug 14

Lilly LDG digging 21 Aug 14

Georgie FC 10 Aug 14

Kenda 4 Aug 14

Bella Ms Z 4 Aug 14

Preacher 3 August 14

Calliope 3 Aug 14

Jenny week of 24 Aug 14

Jenny week of 24 Aug 14 smiles

Jenny week of 24 Aug 14 my toy

Jenny week of 24 Aug 14 who me

Jenny week of 24 Aug 14 yeah I am cute










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