August Wrap Ups!

Hard to believe it is September already!
Sadly the month ended with the passing of Lilly of the Fathers Day Litter. She was very well loved by her family and extended family. I have no information as to the cause.. hoping only ‘old age’ although 12 is not old in my book! Good Bye Sweet girl.
Lilly FDG 3 June 14

Lilly FDG  March 2013

Lilly FDG Aug 14

No onto the photos sent to me during the month of August…..
Lilly FDG Aug 14

Jorgie 31 Aug 14

Bailey 31 Aug 14

Sarah Belle 31 Aug 14

Jorgie Sarah Belle and Bailey 31 Aug 14

Magnolia  30 Aug 14

Colleen LR 28 Aug 14

Remington 28 Aug 14

Austin 27 Aug 14

Dixie 27 Aug 14

Spunky Colby 26 Aug 14

Red helmet Tyson 26 Aug 14

Casey 26 Aug 14

Maverick 26 Aug 14

Anna Banana and Redgie 25 Aug 14

Kylee 24 Aug 14 2

Kylee 24 Aug 14

Sasha 24 Aug 14

Colleen LR plus 24 Aug 14

Loki Jr 20 Aug 14

Marlin Beach pup !6 Aug 14

Athena 16 Aug 14

Georgie FC 15 Aug 14

Blossom Lake Avalon 15 Aug 14

Lilly LDG road trip 21 Aug 14

Lilly LDG sunglasses 21 Aug 14

Lilly LDG digging 21 Aug 14

Georgie FC 10 Aug 14

Kenda 4 Aug 14

Bella Ms Z 4 Aug 14

Preacher 3 August 14

Calliope 3 Aug 14

Jenny week of 24 Aug 14

Jenny week of 24 Aug 14 smiles

Jenny week of 24 Aug 14 my toy

Jenny week of 24 Aug 14 who me

Jenny week of 24 Aug 14 yeah I am cute










Updates on the PUPPIES!

It has been almost a week, and as you know puppies grow fast!
Lets Start with Lorelei:
She is one smart cookie! I tell her to go bring Joey, and she will herd his easily distracted butt back to me! Her water fetching skills are amazing. She now walks in a tandem lead with Penny. At this point she is only a few inches shorter than Penny! She always comes when I call Puppy Pup Pup! Morning swims in the pond continue to be her favorite. After morning walks she races into their ‘room’ without being told!
20 Aug 14 Lorelei I got the water toy

Next up ( by order of birth) is Jotun aka Joey:
He is hitting LANKY big time. Finally playing with Goliath much to the big guys joy. If he can’t find me because he got distracted he will wait at the last place he saw me until I return or run up to their room. He also runs into it after morning walks without being told ( I think it is the fact food is waiting – always goes for the food!). NO lap will be left empty is his motto! If you are squatting to pick something up- he will be in your lap in a heart beat! He finally went on a swim all by himself yesterday! He is now instigating play with the other pups! Prefers to walk solo on a lead and to carry it himself.
29 Aug 14 Joey intent

This pup is awesome! He did inherit the climbing gene from Penny! He can climb almost 3 ft up the gate! Always comes running when I call either his name or Puppy Pup Pup! He loves to fetch and carry things. Morning hugs are so sweet. He will run into my arms and dispense kisses. He is one solid puppy! Ramses is so tickled that Joey will now play with him. While watching Freyia playing with Mommy Penny he learned to grab tails… much to Willows dismay! Yep, he can be seen hanging from her tail regularly.

29 Aug 14 Ramses on the move

Senior Dogs…

Senior dogs… make me smile. I see the inner puppy, the mischief maker, the klutz, and the goof. Lately I have been seeing more and more posts from rescue groups of dogs 14-16 being dumped into shelters. The excuse is basically they didn’t want the responsibility of having an OLD dog in their lives. I think this is selfish. Here is this loving being being who has brought you joy, laughter and friendship only to be thrown away? Would you through your spouse away when they got old and grey. Opps, some people do. But, you get my point. Aging parents get tossed into old age homes and forgotten. Sadly people are scared of the aging.
Growing up I spent time with seniors because I found their stories fascinating. I learned some cooking tricks because I listened!
Now, back to our senior dogs. I am currently graced with FOUR! Loki is our eldest at 11 yrs rascally. Those who have met him knows why I say rascally. He has never grown up. Thank goodness! I may grumble over stolen shoes, but he looks so cute when lightly scolded. His scolding I hold the shoe shake it at him and go ” RELLY?” He always flashes that smile at me.
Loki cheezy grin

7 july 11 loki grinning holding a toy

3 feb 10 loki loves snow look at that grin

Loki smiles

10 Jan 12 Loki all smiles

7 Aug 14 Loki

26 June 14 Loki

21 July 14 Loki arent I cute

Loki may be wider in the back end, but so am I! I love that his grin hasn’t aged at all.

Next UP is Freyia. She is currently 9 yrs young.
My happy girl who has always managed to make me smile. When a puppy some teenagers came up the lane and sprayed shaving cream in her face. Causing her eyes to recede back in her face giving her tunnel vision. We couldn’t do any surgery until she was full grown. So for the next four months plus she had tunnel vision. Surprisingly it never dampened her outlook in life. She is just starting to show signs of age. Her love of life may of taken a hit when her best friend died in January. She has regained her zest of life even up to pulling on Penny’s tail. Which she has taught to the puppies.

Freyia has Penny's tail!
Freyia has Penny’s tail!

3 sept 10 Freyia smile

28 July 12 Happy Freyia_Painting

9 March 12 Freyia happy girl

14 june 10 Happy Freyia

even with her odd haircut Freyia keeps on smiling!
21 July 14  Freyia I got the duck

Next is…
Ozzy! I know this may shock some of you, but he turned 7 this year and is technically a senior!
When I see Ozzy I still see that chunky little determined puppy who picked me at 3 weeks of age. My big loveable lug.

Osiris- Ozzy  I had to come up with a name quickly at the breeders- long story. When I got home Mom took one look and said Ozzy!
Osiris- Ozzy
I had to come up with a name quickly at the breeders- long story. When I got home Mom took one look and said Ozzy!
Ozzy Hewwo world 24 May 07

23 Jan 14 OzzyOzzy zonked

Ozzy being handsome
11 May 11 ozzy
18 Sept 11 Ozzy happy boy

And finally:
Penny! Yep, Penny is now technically a senior. She turned 7 this year. Most of you are Penny fans and have followed her antics over the years. I still see her as that mischievous rascal she was as a youngster.
5 May 14 Penny smiles
21 Aug 13 Penny silly sleep position
26 April 08 Penny being silly28 Oct 11 Penny silly sleeping position

When I look in my senior dogs faces I still see the silly, happy, goofy pups from the past. I love puppies, but… I love seniors MORE!
Love your senior pet……. they are the best of you.
In loving memory of.. Cassies Andy, Neppy, Rosco….. Memorable seniors who never stopped making me smile.

National Dog Day— celebrating those who have graced my life.

Didn’t realize it was National Dog Day this morning. So, I felt celebrating by honoring those who have passed through here and those who continue to grace my life.
In NO specific order:
Cassiopeia- Cassie My first Golden Love & a true Lady
Cassiopeia of Kurzeme  2 yrs

Oddie- my first goofy male Golden


Neptune – Neppy My happy boy who stole hearts
24 oct 10 neptune

Andromeda- Andy- My first RED HEAD! My feisty lass!

Andy peek a boo

Mercury- Merc- My best buddy who was stolen …

Ariadne- Ari- aka SweetPea- Drunk Drivers Suck!
12610439_beautiful ari 2 may 03

Duke- Ducky- I hate antifreeze! Taken too soon by stupid neighbors!
9 july 09 Ducky

Pandora- Pan- My Short,plump, bouncy, happy, smiley,spinning, ball alcoholic baby girl.
29 Oct 07 Grinning Pan

Rosco- My first experience with a Mastiff- loved this fellow. 2 yrs were to short a time
13 april 11 Rosco behind the daffies

Valkyrie-Kyrie- My huff puff velcro child. Bloat sucks
1 March 12 Kyrie coming Mommy

And my current babies you met last week. Honor those who have gone too soon… and those yet to come into your lives.

Updates on the Crew

Good Morning! It is time to share updates on our happy crew. And for those who suffer from what I call ” I know that face who is it?” Here we go a cheat sheet of sorts.
Our eldest and lest acting his age! His shoe count for the week is 8! He even stole a whole PAIR! I caught him in the act just yesterday. He put it gently on the ground and flashed that smile of his. HMMMMMMMM 2 Aug 14 Loki I got toy

Loki’s daughter and our second eldest. She is still sporting her odd hair style. I didn’t have the nerve to shave her down the rest of the way.
She is finally over her deep depression after losing Kyrie back in January. The puppies help. She is their mentor and Auntie. A job she so loves.
21 July 14  Freyia I got the duck

Starting to show his age, his face is going white. He is slowing down a tad bit. But, that hasn’t stopped him for instigating an escape and letting out Andy the resident failed Rescue girl to boot.

14 Feb 14 Ozzy raspberries

Loki’s niece. What can I say? Still gets into mischief, constantly getting seeds and such caught in her coat! She loves playing with the puppies. Recently she lost her tags. Why do I mention that? Well, she has had her puppy tags up til this point. Yep, her microchip ID tag, and AKC reunite tags.
Soon she will be altered and become a full time lady of leisure, and become Auntie to those new puppies who will pass through here.
3 Aug 14 Penny water

My hugging boy! He recently passed his OFFA heart certifications. Now, to straighten out the mess with his hips- the xrays got lost. Ugh! Otherwise he is doing fantastic.
15 May 14 Titon full out

Ah my quiet girl. Some would consider her standoffish. See, she didn’t get any stimulation prior to coming here so she is slow to show affection. She loves hugs though. She is doing well. And sporting a similar haircut as Freyia. Those hotspots are horrible.
8 April 14 Lotus waters edge

Penny’s Daughter and escape artist! Uncle Loki ( great Uncle) taught her well. MUCH to my dismay. She is sweet and happy. She also recently passed her heart certifications! Yeah, we did have to do an echo gram to prove her heart was good. Her upper vessel is kind of talkative- also known as an innocent murmur.
Flora toy thief

Ozzy’s daughter. Sweet Willow. She is surprisingly well behaved considering until recently she was the resident baby! She loves the puppies and is being a fantastic big sister to them. Gentle and patient. I am so proud of her. She also passed her heart certifications recently.
13 Aug 14 Willow happy girl

She is growing so fast. Learning new things every day. She now water fetches, and will fetch a tennis ball! Recently she has started this cute thing of coming up to the park bench near our pond and crawling through the back for attention. Always after her morning dip. Yep, I always get wet. But, she looks so proud of herself for figuring out this trick. She knows when I say ” Go To YOUR Room” to run in and get told she is a good girl. I rarely have to tell her twice!
20 Aug 14 Lorelei I got the water toy

Joey to those who know him. He has been slow to adjust to our routine here. He comes when called after the third or fourth time. He is easily distracted. Finally leash trained! Yesterday was the first day I saw him actually playing with the other two puppies! I almost started jumping up and down with joy! Today he surprised me by running up to Goliath to say good morning. Goliath was so surprised he looked up at me with pure joy.
Now, to turn him into a proper water pup!
11 Aug 14 Jotun pondside

Penny’s son. Oh my the things this fellow does at this age is amazing. He water fetches, fetches tennis balls. Comes when called, leash trained. Loves his Unky Goliath. It is so cute watching him tackle the big guy. Today, he taught himself a new trick. Squirting MOMMY ( Me ) with a garden hose. See, when I fill the water buckets up I tend to fill the food buckets. Well, he was trying to help me and removed said hose and was walking it to me. He got me twice. He was so proud of himself. Was I angry? Heck NO! I was proud of the little rascal.
13 Aug 14 Ramses I got the water toy

Our resident non- golden. He continues to be a great Uncle to the puppies. When we go to the river he watches over them. He is so patient with them. He loves to swim still. Now, we have to work on his barking and chasing of the cats. The cats have filed a protest.
20 Aug 14 Goliath water time

Our resident failed rescue. She is a fantastic dog, sweet girl, who has had 4 failed adoptions. Why? Dog fighters suck! She has an old injury on her spine. And if you touch it just right she will snap at you. This girl is OCD when it comes to her over sized ball. To the point she has gotten it stuck several times in her water bucket!
She is a mastiff/boxer cross. 9 Dec 13 Andi jolly balls and snow rock

And the cats:

Annie Oakley:
hard to believe she is now 12! She is doing fantastic. Still watches over the dogs, and helps me do night feedings.

Annie Oakley Kitty making sure the puppies were enjoying their new digs.
Annie Oakley Kitty making sure the puppies were enjoying their new digs.

our resident master hunter. Also helps with night feedings, and harassing the dogs boarding here.
13 July 13 PM Matilda watching the proceedings

He is sad that his puppies have left, he loves when we have a litter. He is doing fantastic. Still overly loving towards the dogs to the point they roll their eyes.
27 July 14 Billy

River Fun!

Today the crew and I took our Kennel helper Brian to the river. Brian is leaving for College this weekend. Given the choice of canine friends he chose the pups, Penny & Goliath. Joey is very taken with his Unky B.
Here we go………
20 Aug 14  Lorelei yellow toy



20 Aug 14 Goliath raspberries

20 Aug 14 Goliath sitting

20 Aug 14 Goliath supervising Lorelei Ramses

20 Aug 14 Goliath water time

20 Aug 14 Goliath


20 Aug 14 Joey coming MOMMY


20 Aug 14 Joey My Lap 2

20 Aug 14 Joey MY lap

20 Aug 14 Joey Ramses and Penny

20 Aug 14 Lorelei an Ramses fetching team

20 Aug 14 Lorelei and Ramses with the shark

20 Aug 14 Lorelei fetching

20 Aug 14 Lorelei I got the water toy



20 Aug 14 Lorelei pink toy


20 Aug 14 my toy no my toy Lorelei and Ramses


20 Aug 14 Penny fetching


20 Aug 14 Ramses and Penny

20 Aug 14 Ramses give me the toy Lorelei


20 Aug 14 Ramses Penny fetching team

20 Aug 14 Ramses wants the toy Penny Joey trying to help

20 Aug 14 spiderweb

Where is My SHOE???

Years ago long before the blog I used to go around looking for my missing shoe. I usually found the missing shoe outside. Ariadne- Ari ( Kyrie’s Mom & The Stormin’ Gobblers Mom) would steal them. Never chewed them, just borrowed them. After she was killed by a drunk driver I felt the missing shoe trend would go away. Almost a year later I found one of my missing sandles- still new ( she took out of the box ) in an odd space. It was like she was telling me I still love you Mommy.
Ari June 9 02

Flash forward in time….
Where is MY SHOE!? LOKI! Yep, our resident mischief maker steals shoes! Never chews them, just borrows them. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked out the front door wearing only one shoe, walk over to his treasure area and picked up a shoe. Yesterday I found my missing shoe, and a sneaker the rascal had taken. It was full of water. I pick it up and go ” REALLY?”, his reaction. Cheesy Grin.
7 Aug 14 Loki

When a litter leaves for their forever home, and yes the rescues I always have a ‘talk’ with them. It starts out…

( Insert name here ) You know I love you , and WiLL ALWAYS BE Proud of you. Insert personal memories of antics. I end with NO stealing of shoes, stealing yes- chewing no. No chewing of electronics even if they are tempting ( if they have kids- insert kids here ). If resident dog/cats are present- NO tormenting your new brother/sister dog and remember to bow to the cat ( if applies ). End with hug and kiss.

Yes, the shoe theft is always included. See, Loki teaches the pups this trait! I kid you not. Oh, if not shoes… SOCKS! ( In loving memory of Kolby)
Kolby OG

Now, where is my shoe……… Not again……… LOKI!!!!!!!!!!!
2 Aug 14 Loki I got toy

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